The following guide is provided to Bay Area Mover customers to help them with the moving process from start to finish.

How to Choose the Right Bay Area Mover

There are certain qualities that all professional moving companies should showcase. To assure that you hire the right moving company, look for the following characteristics.

  • Insurance Coverage
  • BBB approval and US DOT certification
  • Proven experience and history in the moving industry
  • Various moving and storage services and solutions
  • A positive reputation as seen through written reviews and testimonials online
  • The latest moving equipment, technology and materials to assure a safe move
  • Friendly, helpful customer service representatives answering phones
  • Affordable rates and FREE estimates

When you have found several local movers with the right qualities, write down the contact information found on their website. Contact each mover to ask questions and receive quotes. Try to schedule with the mover of your choice months before the desired moving date.

Preparing and Packing to Move to or From the Bay Area

Bay Area Movers always recommends full packing services. Otherwise, if items are packaged improperly, you may face additional charges. Our movers will repack or ask the customer to repack the items if necessary to avoid the likelihood of damage to your property during the relocation. Create a to-do list to stay focused on the matters associated with the move. This checklist should include everything that needs to be cared for prior to relocating. For example, job and utility transfers might be something to add to the list. Finding a babysitter for kids and pets on the day of the move is another common checklist entry. The overall purpose of a checklist is to help you stay organized during the process. Our movers will create a list of inventory when they do a walkthrough before loading all items onto the truck. If you decide to pack without our professional assistance, go out and buy the proper packing supplies such as boxes, box cutters, bubble wrap and packaging tape. If you start packing at least a month prior to the moving date scheduled, you should have plenty of time to get all your belongings ready. Bay Area Movers only insures items that are packaged with the supplies sold on our website. As the day of the move comes closer, make sure the house or office is decluttered and all items are packaged accordingly. All boxes should be clearly labeled and set against the walls in the rooms they were packaged in. If fragile items are packed away, mark the box with “Fragile.” All furniture and heavy items will cost extra and can be disassembled and reassembled by our professionals.


Moving into Your New Home

Moving into a new home is never easy. It brings a mixture of emotions from excitement to anxiety. However, hiring movers will help ease some of these mixed emotions and so will doing a little research on your soon to be new surroundings. Before the date of the move, prepare by doing research of the new area. Look into everything from utility companies to schools, restaurants to local businesses. The more knowledge you’re able to obtain, the more comfortable you’ll feel after the relocation is final. When your items arrive at your new home, our crew will move your items and furniture as directed by you. If an item cannot go into a specific spot in the home due to the dangers it presents, you will be informed of the circumstance. If there are any discrepancies, you may be asked to sign a Release of Liability so that we are not held responsible for any damages. Bay Area Movers offers storage solutions for anything you wish not to have moved in.

Changing of Address

It is the responsibility of the customer to change their address before the relocation. To do so, go to your local U.S. Post Office or on their website to change the address from your previous residence to your new one. It will take several weeks to see your mail directed to your new home.

First Night Tips In Your New Home

The first night in your new home is usually a restless one. Everything is packaged and strewn in every room. Luckily, we have some tips for our customers’ first night in their new place.

  • Label boxes containing linens, pillows and other comforts so that you can find them easier
  • Bring candles, flashlights and even a portable radio unless you have already turned the electricity on
  • Pack a small personal bag with clothes and personal hygiene items for easy access to your necessities
  • Find local places where you can easily order food for delivery
  • Bring a cooler with drinks or a case of water bottles
  • Don’t get overwhelmed trying to unpack everything in the first night. It’s best to get a good night’s sleep before proceeding

Pet Preparation for Your Bay Area Move

  • Take your pet to the vet for a checkup and any needed vaccinations according to the geographical area they are relocating with you to
  • Gather all required and necessary documents in relation to your pet
  • Make sure you have a babysitter for them on the day of the move
  • Purchase or find a crate for them
  • Try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible to prevent causing them further stress
  • Gather your pet’s food, treats, bowls, litter boxes, first aid kit, and towels to keep with you during the relocation
  • Get your pet familiar with their new home by placing their items and other familiar items around the home before their arrival
  • Make sure the home is pet friendly and no toxic plants or pollutants are within their reach
  • Check all fencing and security if the pet is to be allowed outside

Moving Insurance

Bay Area Movers carries insurance coverage for their customers. To see what is entailed in this coverage or what value of your items are protected, ask our representatives or check out the information relating to our insurance policy in the contract at the time your signature is requested.

Bay Area Moving Truck Rentals

Our customers have the option to rent our moving trucks. For individuals that prefer to take on the manual labor of moving on their own, we offer a variety of moving trucks in different sizes. We have low rates on our rental services. Of course, these service rates are dependent on the distance of travel and other matters involving the relocation.

Bay Area Moving Supplies

Here at Bay Area Movers we highly suggest our full packing services to all of our customers. It is important to use the proper packaging supplies during relocation or items could end up damaged. If items are not packaged properly, we will not be held responsible for any reimbursements, replacements or repairs. If our movers notice improper packaging, they will inform you of the matter. At that point, the item must be packaged the right way. If you allow us to do it, you may be subjected to additional charges.

Avoiding Bay Area Moving Scams

To avoid becoming the victim of a Bay Area moving scam, make sure the mover you choose to hire has the qualities as you see listed in the section at the top of this guide titled “How to Hire the Right Bay Area Mover.” They should have the licensing and certifications required to prove their legitimacy in the moving industry. A professional mover is not likely to ask for any money upfront. This is just one of the things that a scam artist might ask for before moving services are carried out.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Goods

Before the process of packing, eliminate any items that you no longer want or need. Maybe they’re old, useless, or even unable to fit into your new home. Hold a garage sale or donate these items. You may also take advantage of our storage solutions at one of our many storage facilities at an extra cost.

Moving to or from the Bay Area with Kids

When your family is relocating, it is extremely important to put the kids first. Make sure you are moving into a family-friendly neighborhood and check into the school district in which you’ll be living. Talk with your kids about their feelings on the relocation and prepare them for the move the best you can. On moving day, it is best to have someone available to watch them so they are not liable to get injured or in the way of the professionals. Pack personal bags for each child so they can carry the essentials with them during the relocation.

The Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is a legal document between us and the customer. This document will provide details such as the services rendered, the quantity of items, the cost for services, and the addresses between both destinations. This will also serve as the customer’s receipt. We will ask that all customers sign this document as acceptance of our terms. If a signature is not provided, we cannot go forth with the moving services.

Different Moving Documents

Once you have hired us for services, you may be asked to provide us with specific forms of documentation. This is your responsibility and we require these documents before the move can go forth. We may also ask that you sign other agreements aside from the Bill of Lading to assure that everyone is in agreeance with the moving services requested. We only want to guarantee our own liability as well as the customers.

Finding Bay Area Self Storage

Finding self-storage solutions in the Bay Area is easy. There are many wonderful options. Luckily, Bay Area Movers offers their own storage solutions due to the high number of storage facilities we work with. This gives us an upper hand and allows us to offer storage services at lower costs to you.

Meeting Your New Bay Area Neighbors

Meeting your new neighbors is definitely nerve wracking. However, you never know how great they might be until you make an effort to meet them. Take the time to introduce yourself once you’re settled. Ask about the best places to grab food and drinks, and try to gain more knowledge about the area. In most cases, your neighbors will gladly provide you with any information they can. Try to start off on the right foot with those residing nearby.

DIY Bay Area Moving

Some individuals facing relocation prefer to carry out their move without professional assistance. Of course, this is perfectly okay and we do offer rental trucks and sell packing supplies to all those that decide to do so. Here are some tips for DIY moving:

  • Start preparing and packing as early as possible. Perhaps the most tedious part of a move is getting everything ready for its transport on the moving truck. All items must be packaged properly and labeled clearly. Any breakable items boxed up should be labeled as “fragile” and appliance or electronics should go in their original packaging.
  • Get rid of any items you do not wish to bring with you to the new home
  • Pack away one room at a time to keep organized and do not try to rush the packing process
  • Create a list of inventory as you pack so that you can count all boxes and items as they come off the truck
  • Load the truck appropriately so that nothing ends up damaged during the transport

Bay Area Military Moving

Military relocations tend to differ from your typical residential move. The customer will be responsible for talking to the facilitators of the base, letting them know about the planned moving date so that the movers can access the base without hesitation. You’ll also be asked to provide the official orders of your relocation from base to base. Bay Area Movers is familiar with military relocations and how to deal with them. We can be of great help during this process. In most circumstances, we also offer military discounts for all military personnel.

Bay Area Moving Licensing Requirements

According to state and federal laws, a moving company must have the proper licensing. This includes a US DOT number through the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for your commercial vehicle. There is an application process to obtain the US DOT number. All drivers of our trucks must also carry a valid commercial driver’s license. As a full service moving company, Bay Area Movers is also certified through the American Moving and Storage Association.

Bay Area Crime Rates

The crime rates in the Bay Area differ by city and neighborhood. For example San Francisco and Oakland carry the highest crime rates and are known for their increased rates in violent crime. San Francisco in particular ranks high for crime even against all other U.S. cities. Other neighborhoods and cities including Hillsborough and San Mateo carry lower crime rates and are known as great places to raise a family. Most other regions in the Bay Area rate lower in crime or at least reach national average. <h3Moving Labor in the Bay Area The Bay Area is home to a lot of moving companies. Moving labor is easy to find but not all movers carry a great reputation. Make sure the mover hired carries a positive reputation for their services and have all the proper licensing. As for costs, Bay Area moving companies typically charge by the hour. This depends on the amount of manual labor needed and the amount of items to be moved. The distance of travel will also affect the final cost. The cost of labor through a moving company may run anywhere from $100 to $250 an hour on average.

Bay Area Movers VS Bay Area Moving Brokers

The biggest difference between a Bay Area mover and a Bay Area moving broker is that a broker will shop around through the most reputable moving companies to find you the greatest services at the most affordable cost. A broker will listen to your needs and find a moving service that meets your expectations. They are also capable of negotiating services and costs with the moving companies they have connections with.


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