The Bay Area is home to a lot of moving companies. Moving labor is easy to find but not all movers carry a great reputation. Make sure the mover hired carries a positive reputation for their services and have all the proper state licensing. As one of the leading moving companies in the industry, Bay Area Movers has all the right qualifications.

As for costs, Bay Area moving companies typically charge by the hour. This depends on the amount of manual labor needed and the amount of items to be moved. The distance of travel will also affect the final cost. The cost of labor through a moving company may run anywhere from $100 to $250 an hour on average.

What Does Moving Labor Include?

Moving labor is the act of loading, unloading, packing or moving furniture during the moving process. Any act that includes manual labor during the relocation is considered moving labor. Fortunately, most moving companies offer these labor moving services to all their customers even if they don’t wish to purchase full moving services.

Movers that offer labor moving services will work out a plan with the customer and its costs. Once labor moving services have been agreed upon, a contract will be drawn up. The moving company will provide you with enough men to handle whatever laborious task you need them for.

Preparing for the Labor Movers

When you hire labor movers, make sure that you prepare for their arrival. Have all entryways, hallways and stairways clear of clutter. The driveway should also remain clear or wherever it is the moving truck must park. You want to lessen any risks that may cause injury to the movers.

If they are hired for packing services, they’ll usually come equipped with all the proper packaging materials and supplies. They’ll make sure everything is packed securely and all boxes are labeled clearly. They’ll then load all of your items onto the rental truck for transport. As they load, they’ll do so strategically so that none of your goods shift during the drive. Shifting could cause your items to break.