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Bay Area Crime Rates

If you plan on moving to the Bay Area but aren’t sure where yet, narrow down your options by doing a little research and creating a list of pros and cons for each neighborhood of interest. There are many things to pay attention to while creating this list but one of your biggest concerns should include Bay Area crime rates. You’ll find that some regions in the area are much higher in criminal activity than others.

2016 Violent and Property Crime Rates in the Bay Area as Shown on the FBI Bay Area Crime Report

Violent Crime Total                                               Property Crime Total

Fremont- 420                                                               Fremont- 4,715

San Jose- 3,887                                                            San Jose- 24,749

Berkeley- 602                                                               Berkeley- 5,420

Hayward- 631                                                               Hayward- 4,641

Palo Alto- 73                                                                 Palo Alto- 1,436

Daly City- 244                                                              Daly City- 1,631

Santa Clara- 159                                                           Santa Clara- 2,814

Oakland- 6,059                                                            Oakland- 23,952

Sunnyvale- 158                                                            Sunnyvale- 2,140

Antioch- 760                                                                Antioch- 3,690

San Francisco- 6,190                                                  San Francisco- 47,402

Concord- 447                                                               Concord- 4,337

San Mateo- 242                                                           San Mateo- 2,141

Walnut Creek- 78                                                        Walnut Creek- 2,120

Los Gatos- 21                                                                Los Gatos- 616

Richmond- 1,019                                                         Richmond- 3,785

San Francisco and Oakland carry the highest crime rates and are known for their increased rates in violent crime. San Francisco in particular ranks high for crime even against all other U.S. cities. San Jose is a close behind Oakland and San Francisco in both violent and property crimes.

Other neighborhoods and cities including Los Gatos and Palo Alto carry lower crime rates and are known as great places to raise a family. Most other regions in the Bay Area rate lower in crime or reach national average at highest.

Knowing the Neighborhood before Your Relocate

Before you base everything you know about a neighborhood or city off what you learn from the Internet, try to visit the area before you call a realtor and start house shopping. Check out local businesses, entertainment spots, parks, schools if you have children, and maybe even speak with some of the locals. It is wise to get a feel for the area. Of course, you can base the areas you wish to visit off of the above crime rate information.