San Jose, California

Whether you’re buying or renting, housing costs in the Bay Area continue to be among the highest in the nation. Outside of metropolitan areas in the Northeast, you won’t find pricier real estate anywhere in the country. That said, there parts of the region that are still affordable by comparison to the rest of the Bay Area, particularly the counties of Solano, Sonoma, Monterey and parts of Alameda.


Vallejo continues to be one of the more affordable places to live and buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. In recent years, many people that have been priced out of coastal regions of the Bay Area have found the housing costs in Vallejo to be more amenable to ownership. The average price of a home in Vallejo as of this writing is just over $400,000, making it very affordable by Bay Area standards.


Like most of the Bay Area, housing prices in Vacaville have increased steadily over the past decade. However, home prices have remained relatively affordable compared to other parts of the region with prices hovering just below $500,000. With a highly regarded school system and nice weather that is typical of the area, it’s no wonder that Vacaville makes this list.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is one of the areas in the Bay Area where home prices have actually declined in the past year, but housing costs are still well above the national average. Cost of living is also rather high in the area (and most of Sonoma County), but with average home prices stagnating or even declining in some parts of Santa Rosa, a good deal can still be found there.


One of the most affordable mid-sized cities in the Bay Area, Petaluma has great public schools and a host of restaurants and coffee shops. Many of the residents are home owners—something that speaks to the affordability of the area.


Not only is Concord a moderately priced area (by Bay Area standards), it’s also centrally located to many of the other cities in the region. A suburb of Oakland, Concord combines many of the best qualities of larger cities without the congestion and headaches that often come with them.

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As mentioned above, Oakland has many areas that are affordable and some that are not. The suburbs like Concord tend to offer the best value and home prices can vary widely depending on the area.

San Jose

Like Oakland, San Jose has many areas that one could consider affordable and some that are on the pricier side. As one of the major Bay Area cities, San Jose has a lot to offer its residents from the thriving tech industry to its proximity to other destination in the region.

Walnut Creek

One of the most accessible areas in the Bay Area, Walnut Creek is a mid-sized city that provides easy access to most major cities, either by personal or public transport (BART). Its classic downtown neighborhood and moderately priced homes make it a great choice for those looking to enjoy Bay Area life without breaking the bank.

Pleasant Hill

Another gem of the East Bay, Pleasant Hill is a small city by Bay Area standards. It is definitely on the higher end of what passes for affordable, but it offers small town charm in a city that’s just as close to everything as its neighbors, Concord and Walnut Creek.

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