Once you have scheduled a moving date with Bay Area Movers to move to or from the Bay Area, you must begin preparing for the day to come. This process takes time and should never be rushed. It is imperative to the condition of your belongings that you prep according to our standards. This will protect your household goods and items as well as those we have working for us as they carry out the moving process.

For Your Information…

Bay Area movers will always recommend full packing services to their customers. Otherwise, if items are packaged improperly you may face additional charges. Our movers will repack the items or ask the customer to repack the items if necessary. This will help us to avoid the likelihood of damage to your property during the relocation process.

Beginning the Preparation Process

Create a to-do list to stay focused on the matters associated with the move. This moving checklist should include everything that needs to be cared for prior to relocating. For example, job and utility transfers might be something to add to the list. Finding a babysitter for kids and pets on the day of the move is another common checklist entry. The overall purpose of a checklist is to help you stay organized during the process. Our movers will create a list of inventory when they do a walkthrough before loading all items onto the truck.

If you decide to pack without our professional assistance, go out and buy the proper packing supplies such as boxes, box cutters, bubble wrap and packaging tape. If you start packing at least a month prior to the moving date scheduled, you should have plenty of time to get all your belongings ready. Bay Area Movers only insures items that are packaged with the supplies sold on our website.

As the day of the move comes closer, make sure the house or office is decluttered and all items are packaged accordingly. All boxes should be clearly labeled and set against the walls in the rooms they were packaged in. If fragile items are packed away, mark the box with “Fragile.” All furniture and heavy items will cost extra and can be disassembled and reassembled by our professionals.