Moving with kids is perhaps one of the most stressful parts of the whole situation. Not only are most kids confused and angry about the relocation but they make the preparation process of the move even more difficult. It is extremely important to tend to your children’s emotions while staying organized and on top of the moving process.

Get Your Children Ready for the Move

The time between learning about the relocation and the actual moving day is when you must really tend to your children’s feelings and needs. Preparing them for the day of the move will only make the transition easier on everyone. Below, you will find several tips for preparing your children for the move in the best way possible.

  • When you must first inform your children of the move, hold a family meeting or plan a dinner where everyone sits to eat together at the table. Use this time to tell the kids about the relocation and don’t get upset if they show any negative emotion. Let them express their feelings and listen to what they have to say. Be understanding and don’t expect them to get excited about the idea of the move anytime too soon.
  • Show your children their soon-to-be new surroundings and neighborhood in person if at all possible. Let them see where they will be moving and explore the area so that they can become more familiar with it before the relocation takes place.
  • If you cannot take the kids to where you’ll be moving before it happens, go online and show them some places of interest in that neighborhood or region. Tell them of all the amenities and places of entertainment that might interest them.
  • If your children don’t have access to smartphones, buy them a camera so that they can take pictures of their peers, school and the places they like to go within their current neighborhood before they must say goodbye. You could even start a scrapbook so that they’re able to keep these memories alive.
  • Get them excited about the move by allowing them to help. Let them pack their toys and belongings themselves if they are old enough to do so. Even consider holding a garage sale and allowing them to keep the earnings they make off of their own items.
  • Before they start going to a new school, set up an orientation or walkthrough of the facility. Letting them see where they will continue their education before their first day will ease them into the process.

Tending to the needs of your children during the moving process is significantly important. Many kids act out and rebel when a move takes place. You want to pay attention to their psychological well-being the best you can.