As a licensed full service moving company, Bay Area Movers does everything they can to assure the quality of their services. This includes providing insurance coverage to all our customers when they purchase moving or storage services from us. We take pride in what we do and it is very rare that anything happens during the moving process that would force one of our customers to file an insurance claim. Nevertheless, it is wise for all moving customers to have this coverage in case of an accident.

The State of California requires that moving companies carry at least the minimum amount of insurance coverage as according to their state policy. All movers in the state must carry insurance coverage of at least $20,000 per shipment as well as liability coverage. A commission prescribed form must be filed as evidence of coverage.

About Insurance Coverage through a Moving Company

When you call around gathering quotes from moving companies in the Bay Area, always ask them if they offer insurance coverage. If not, it is best to leave that company alone and not purchase services from them. Most individual insurance policies carried by homeowners will not protect a person’s belongings as it is transported through a mover. You must hire a mover with their own coverage for customers.

A lot of moving companies offer the very basic insurance coverage which only covers so much of your items’ value in most cases. Ask the mover what their insurance coverage includes. If it isn’t sufficient enough for your needs, ask if they have additional insurance coverage or plans you can add on for an extra fee. In most circumstances, it is wise to buy additional insurance coverage during the move.

There are some situations that the mover’s insurance coverage will not cover. These instances may include natural disasters or items not packed in the proper packaging materials. It all depends on the type of insurance plan you have through the moving company. This is even more reason to ask the mover questions about their insurance plans. You should have a clear idea of their policy and coverage. This way, if an accident does happen, you know you won’t face any troubles trying to file a claim.