The Importance of an Inventory List

Carrying BoxesIt is so easy to lose property during a relocation. A lot of people will go about a move without taking a second to consider all of the inventory. When the items make it to their new home, they look it over and can’t remember all that was moved until they need it and realize that it isn’t there. This is why it is highly recommended that an inventory list is created. The moving company will often create their own list of inventory as well which is great for comparing yours too.


An inventory list can be as detailed as you would like. If you really wish to write down each individual piece of furniture and item, you can, but many just take a box count per room. This box count can also include a count of each piece of furniture to go in each room too. It is up to you, but make sure that you take an accurate count.


By creating a list of inventory, you will be able to notice what made it and what didn’t as the truck arrives at the next location. If you realize that items are missing, you can immediately inform the moving company so that they can file a report in which you will sign. The moving company will then consult with you and if they find that items really are missing, they will tell you how to go about filing an insurance claim. The items will then be replaced if they were found lost due to the fault of the movers.