Finding self-storage solutions in the Bay Area is easy. There are many wonderful options. Luckily, Bay Area Movers offers their own storage solutions due to the high number of storage facilities we work with. This gives us an upper hand and allows us to offer storage services at lower costs to you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Solutions

When you’re searching for an inexpensive and reliable way to store your household goods and belongings, Bay Area Movers will gladly help you make any decisions. However, with some tips and advice from the experts, finding adequate storage solutions should come easily.


Finding a self-storage facility nearest to your new place of residence is obviously key. Of course, any storage facility located within higher populated areas or places of interest will tend to cost more. Depending on how often you plan on frequenting your storage unit and how easily you’d like to access it, you may want to look on the outskirts of the Bay Area if it’ll help save you a little money. Renting self-storage units at a facility with multiple floors and levels also offers ways you can save money. By renting a unit on a higher level, you may find a storage unit at a lesser costs. First level units usually cost more due to their convenience.

Choosing the Right Size

Storage units come in all sizes. Choosing the right size is perhaps the most difficult part of finding the proper storage solution. Most storage facilities will have standard sizes for rent from as small as a 5×5 unit to units as large as 10×30 or larger. Larger units will obviously cost more to rent per month. By packing your items properly within a unit, you can save a lot of space and perhaps get away with a unit smaller than you thought you might need.

Self- Storage Features and Perks

Consider the perks and features offered with all storage solutions you come across. For example, some storage facilities will offer the free use of their rental trucks when you purchase storage services through them. Some facilities have temperature controlled units or large storage units with two levels. The features you choose will depend on your use for the storage unit. If you wish to keep the costs of your self-storage solution at a minimal, opt out of any extra features.