Anyone planning relocation should be wise to the following information while searching for a trustworthy moving company. There are many con artists out there that will scam you out of your money or have no concern for the condition of your belongings. By knowing the signs of a possible moving company scam, you can lessen any risks involved with your future move.

Signs to Look For That Suggest a Scam

  • Don’t hire the mover with the lowest bid. Many scam artists will low ball a job just to get you to hire them for the job. Scam moving companies will come fill the truck with your belongings and then hold them until you pay outrageous amounts of money for them to complete the job. Usually the companies that pull this on their customers are smaller, independent and unlicensed companies found on sites such as Craigslist or in ads placed in print publications.
  • Don’t ever pay upfront. Some scam artists will ask for money upfront. Most reputable movers will complete the moving services before expecting their customers to pay the final bill.
  • Watch for movers that quote a final price on moving services yet haven’t come to the home for an evaluation or even asked about the items that must be transported. Professional movers take the amount of items and other factors into consideration before they’re able to give a quote on their services.
  • Most of the time, longstanding movers will have name brand company trucks or trucks clearly labeled with their company name. If they pull up in an unmarked truck, be weary of allowing them to take your belongings.
  • Moving companies that have been established for a long time are licensed. They are normally approved by the BBB, US DOT, and AMSA. You can even contact these associations to see if the mover you have hired is approved or certified through them.

To prevent being a victim of a moving scam, keep all valuables and jewelry with you at the time of the move. Carry copies of all documentation associated with the moving services purchased on you at all times during the moving process. You should have a copy of the Bill of Lading, receipt, order list and inventory list. You should also ask the mover about their insurance policy as it is a requirement for licensed movers to carry the minimum amount of coverage as according to state law.