Professionals are Trained to Securely Handle Relocation

GeorgiaAnyone can try their best to conduct relocation without professional help. However, this usually leads to broken belongings, damage to the property, lots of extra expenses, and sometimes lost or stolen items. When you hire someone with experience and training, you can expect that your property is carefully and properly handled and cared for.


Movers are trained to pack, load, unload, lift, and transport properly. Not only are they trained to handle the relocation, but they have the latest in moving tools and equipment. Rollers, dollies, ramps, ladders, and other tools are brought along with the movers to help them conduct a move more safely. This will prevent them from getting injured while protecting your stuff from harm.


After the loading process, it is time for the movers to hit the road and take off to the next location. During the transport, the movers are trained to avoid poor road conditions and bad weather. They will pay close attention to road and weather reports. If they notice any obstacles, they will take an alternative route.


Professional movers have one job, to get your belongings from one address to the next safely, without any issues. They will be as careful and professional as possible. Moving companies also carry insurance coverage. Their insurance policy will cover any damage or replacements should something happen to your property. This prevents you and the company from out of pocket expenses during the relocation.


How Proper Packing Protects Your Property

BoxWhen you pack away your belongings for relocation, it must be done in a particular way so that the contents in the box arrive at the next location unharmed. You can’t just throw miscellaneous items in the box then seal it and expect that everything is safe. Movers are trained to pack properly.


Each individual piece should be wrapped in bubble wrap, foam sheets or newspaper if it stands a chance at breaking during the handling of the box it is in. Dishes should be stacked with foam sheets in between them and smaller boxes should be used for such heavy items. Larger boxes should be used for linens, pillows, winter clothes, and other light weight items.


As you pack, it is suggested that you leave the boxes in the room you packed them in. Each box should be stacked nicely and there should be room left for the movers to get in and out easily. Make sure each box is taped well and sealed. The room that the box is to go in should be written legibly in permanent marker on the sides. If there are fragile items in the box, write “fragile” or “this way up,” if it shouldn’t be flipped over.


In order to avoid all of the packing, you could purchase full service packing. The movers will then come in and pack everything away before the scheduled moving date. They will even bring their own packing supplies and tools. When you get this service, you can avoid packing and spend time doing other things to prepare for the relocation.


When Is the Best Time to Book with a Mover?

Marin City.CAMoving companies, especially those located on the West Coast are often busy. You have many different movers to choose from, yet you must make sure you are booking with them plenty of time in advance. If you call to late, they may not have any openings around your desired time frame.


It is highly recommended that you contact a professional moving company at least two months prior to the date you would like to have your belongings hauled to the next location. Also, keep in mind that if your relocation is long distance, it could take some time for the movers to even get through the travels. Movers typically guarantee that a relocation from one side of the nation to the other will take no more than two weeks. Most will make the trip in about ten days as long as weather and road conditions are favorable.


Not only should you book with a mover well in advance, but you should consider the season in which you are in need of relocation services. Are you calling during a busy season or an off-season? Off seasons are usually when the weather turns colder. Many people do not wish to move between late fall and late spring. This is always a good option if you can make that choice. Not only will you get the help you need at the time you need from the moving company, but you could benefit from discounts or promotions offered during these colder, less busy months.


The reason it’s so critical to book with a mover at least a couple months in advance isn’t just due to the mover’s availability. You will have much more to attend to in regards to the relocation other than booking the mover. About five weeks before the big day, the packing process should begin. This could take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks, depending on the size of the relocation. Many people will add on full packing services so that they don’t have to worry about the preparation of their belongings for relocation.

Is Cubicle Installation a Difficult Process for Movers?

CubicleWhenever you are planning a commercial move or an office relocation, you will have an abundance of helpful and convenient services made available to you through the moving companies in the area. The San Francisco Bay Area is swamped with movers and it is up to you to decide what services and company will suit your needs best.


Cubicle installation is the simplest and quickest way to get your cubicle walls standing up without having to install them yourself. It is one of the greatest perks a mover can offer, especially to those with large office relocations where cubicles are the main form of separation between employees. Trying to fumble with the cubicle walls can take forever and become quite stressful after you have been battling with them for a long period of time.


When a mover offers cubicle installation, take advantage of this service if it is within your budget. It is usually offered for a reasonable rate and the movers can have your cubicle walls installed in no time at all. They will bring all of the tools needed when they know they are coming in for this service. They will also have many helping hands.


All of the movers are trained to handle commercial and office relocations. They understand what they must do to safely conduct these types of moves. Cubicle installation is also a part of their training. They will have the experience necessary to securely lock in your standalone partitions. They can even take old cubicle walls down whenever this service is needed.

Downsizing before Relocation

DownsizingDownsizing is always wise before relocation. If you know that you are going to be moving, begin sorting through your possessions to decide whether it is to be kept or to be rid of. Some people may do this to try and lower their quote. Some simply don’t want to relocate with all of the stuff they own. If they are moving from a large home to a small apartment, they may not have any other options.


There are several ways you could begin downsizing. First, you must consider how you could go about ridding of the items.


  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Post items online or for sale in the newspaper.
  • Donate unwanted possessions.
  • Give things away to friends and family.
  • Ask the moving company about their storage solutions.


Most moving companies will have their own storage units or storage facilities that they like to work closely with. These units can be rented for any belongings that you cannot take along, but do not wish to get rid of. Otherwise, if any items are to be thrown away completely, the movers offer hauling and recycling services.


Ask Yourself These Questions When Sorting through Items


  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Will it fit into my next home?
  • Do I have more than one?
  • What is the sentimental value of the belonging?
  • Does the possession originally belong to someone else in the family?
  • Is it worth any money?


Staying Organized and Getting Prepared for a Move

ToDo ListIf there is one thing that is more important than anything else during relocation, it is staying on top of things. Relocations can get chaotic and messy as soon as organization isn’t a factor. It is important that as the person in need of relocation services, you maintain a level of organization and that you prepare for the move efficiently. This will assist the movers in conducting a safe and more secure move.


The best way to prepare for relocation is by creating a list of things to-do. This list can be as long and detailed as you would like. Just make sure that it includes all things that you must get accomplished before your big moving day. When you accomplish things on the list, cross them off to help you stay on track.


It is wise to have a babysitter prepared on the day of the move and to have all entryways and pathways cleared for the movers. If they must park on city property, make sure you obtained a parking permit. This includes street parking in most cases. Everything must be clean and easy for the movers to maneuver as necessary.


There are many ways to be prepared, but one thing that must be done by the time the movers arrive, is the packing. Everything will need to be packed away and ready for the movers to load onto the truck. The boxes should be stacked neatly in every room and they should be labeled clearly so that they know where to place them at the new address when they arrive. Having a list of inventory will help to assure everything makes it to its new home safely.



The Importance of an Inventory List

Carrying BoxesIt is so easy to lose property during a relocation. A lot of people will go about a move without taking a second to consider all of the inventory. When the items make it to their new home, they look it over and can’t remember all that was moved until they need it and realize that it isn’t there. This is why it is highly recommended that an inventory list is created. The moving company will often create their own list of inventory as well which is great for comparing yours too.


An inventory list can be as detailed as you would like. If you really wish to write down each individual piece of furniture and item, you can, but many just take a box count per room. This box count can also include a count of each piece of furniture to go in each room too. It is up to you, but make sure that you take an accurate count.


By creating a list of inventory, you will be able to notice what made it and what didn’t as the truck arrives at the next location. If you realize that items are missing, you can immediately inform the moving company so that they can file a report in which you will sign. The moving company will then consult with you and if they find that items really are missing, they will tell you how to go about filing an insurance claim. The items will then be replaced if they were found lost due to the fault of the movers.



Why You Need Piano Moving Services

carrying PianoMovers offer an array of different things to help your relocation go along without a hitch. They are always finding services to offer that are designed to make any type of move easier on everyone. With all of the special tools and equipment that moving companies have, they can offer a variety of services. Many moving companies train their employees to handle specific matters too which only helps the relocation even more. For instance, piano moving requires training and skill that an untrained mover would not otherwise possess and therefore, they would not be capable of handling a piano move.


Piano moving services are rather detailed. It requires the mover to take the piano apart carefully and to wrap each individual piece. These pieces usually include the legs of the piano among other smaller pieces. The base of the piano is then set upon a flat service with wheels, wrapped up securely and then placed onto the truck.


When the movers arrive at the piano’s new home, they reassemble every piece. They will make sure that the piano is in good shape and working order before they leave. When a person isn’t trained to handle a piano move, they won’t understand the first thing about safely moving the large piece.


Unless you hire a mover to relocate the piano, you won’t have any insurance coverage protecting the musical instrument. It is always wise to have insurance coverage on the piece especially when it could so easily suffer damage if not handled properly during the move. If it is in the care of a mover, the piano is covered by insurance and any possible damages it might suffer from, will be covered.

Why Insurance Coverage Is Important

BoxesAll legit moving companies should offer insurance coverage. If they don’t, it is probably best you refrain from hiring them for relocation. When a mover has insurance coverage for their customers, it shows that they ultimately care about the well-being and condition of your property. Even as professionals, accidents can happen and in this case, you will want to have that extra peace of mind to know that your stuff is covered.


Insurance coverage can work in different ways depending on the moving company’s insurance policy and who they go through. Ask the customer service rep how theirs works. Some insurance policies won’t cover items such as jewelry, boats and other high valued items. It is best that you pack up valuables separately and bring them along with you during the move.


If a mover ends up losing or breaking anything that belongs to you while it is in their care, the insurance will have it covered. Anything broken will be repaired and anything missing will be replaced or paid for. If you move on your own, you wouldn’t have this coverage. A homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover any of your property when it is not sitting at the address you have listed on your policy.


The best way to make sure that all of your stuff made it to the next location is by creating a list of inventory. Many movers will create their own list too, but it is best that you have your own as well. Compare your list with that of the mover’s before they leave after the loading process. Then, as the items arrive at their destination, check them off the list. If you notice anything is missing or damaged, inform the movers and they will file a report in which you will need to sign. Some people won’t realize that things are broken or missing until later on, this is okay too. Contact the mover and let them know. They will explain how you can go about making an insurance claim.


Ways to Cut Moving Costs

MoneyRelocating is a matter that brings about extra expenses that you may or may not be prepared for. When the budget is tight, many feel that handling the move on their own is best. This isn’t necessarily the truth. Hiring a mover is perhaps the cheapest route depending on your type of move. They usually offer low flat rates and even insurance so that if something breaks or ends up lost, you don’t have to replace it with out of pocket money. If the belongings were lost or damaged under the mover’s care, their insurance policy will cover it.

There are ways to cut the costs of a move even when you hire a mover for help. Just be mindful of where you are spending your money and follow some of the tips below.

  • Pack things up on your own instead of purchasing full packing services.
  • Use materials around the house to help with packing. You can use socks for storing glasses, linens to wrap breakables in, and newspaper for packing as well.
  • Get boxes from local stores in the area instead of buying your own. Just make sure they are in assorted sizes and strong enough to hole your belongings safely.
  • Have a garage sale. Not only will this condense the amount of belongings you need to move, but it could help you earn money from items you no longer use.
  • See if you qualify for any discounts, sales or promotions with the moving company.
  • Plan your relocation during the off months. The busiest time of the year for movers is during the spring and summer. Try to plan your relocation during the fall or winter to benefit from cheaper rates.
  • See if you qualify for any tax reductions. Long distance moves for work are one of the things that could have you qualified for tax breaks.