The following guide is provided to Bay Area Mover customers to help them with the moving process from start to finish.

Bay Area Moving Truck Rentals

There are many options when youโ€™re looking for moving rental trucks in the Bay Area. Bay Area Movers is one of the best and most affordable companies to rent moving trucks from. We have a wide variety of trucks available and we are certain youโ€™ll find the right one within your price range.

When you pay to rent a moving truck, make sure you rent one of adequate size to fit all your belongings. Of course, it may take several trips to load and unload your belongings depending on how much you have to move. To eliminate the amount of trips you must make and to make the process of transporting your goods easier on everyone helping, it is good to know how to properly prepare for the haul.

Preparing to Load the Rental Truck for the Move

  • Make sure all entryways, hallways and stairways are clear from clutter. Always lift with your legs and have several of your helpers stay on the truck as others bring the items out.
  • Lay down moving blankets or plastic sheeting on the floor of the truck or trailer to protect your furniture and belongings.
  • It makes the loading and unloading process easier if you keep a couple helpers on the truck as others grab the boxes and items from the house.
  • Always load items towards the front of the truck nearest to the cab and continue to fill it all the way to the back.
  • Stack boxes strategically by placing the heavier boxes on the truck floor and stacking lighter boxes on top until it reaches the truckโ€™s ceiling.
  • Pack all your items as tightly as you can. This will prevent your household goods from toppling over and shifting as the transport is being made.
  • Use ties, ropes and ratchet straps to keep items secured.
  • Distribute the heavier items such as furniture and appliances evenly on the truck, usually off to the sides. Take off furniture legs and any other removable items whenever possible.
  • Place any plastic wrapped mirrors, art and pictures in between boxes or mattresses for extra security.
  • Remove drawers and all of their contents from dressers, desks and cabinets before loading and unloading the truck.
  • Any awkward, lightweight items should go on top of the other items on the truck or placed in lastly, closer to the back of the truck.
  • Use rugs and linens to fill in open spaces on the truck once it is loaded.