After hiring a reputable moving company in the Bay Area and before starting the packing process, get rid of any unwanted goods. Doing this will help alleviate the amount of time and labor it would typically take to complete the relocation. It will also help reduce stress and prevent you from trying to find storage for useless items. How to Decide What Should Stay and What Should Go As you sort through your belongings, take the time to decide what each item is worth to you and how it is of use. If an item is merely sticking around and not gaining any use or holding any type of financial or sentimental value, it is best to just get rid of it. However, for anything that you do wish to keep, yet prefer not to have in your new home, Bay Area Movers offers a variety of storage solutions. Ideas for Getting Rid of Unwanted Goods before a Move The process of relocation forces you to clean house. It makes it so that you have no other option but to go through your home and sort everything before you begin the packing process. As you are doing this, it’s easier to spot the items that aren’t gaining any use and merely there to take up space. This is a great time to put those items a side so that you can rid of them before moving day. It also makes it so that you are transporting less during the move. The more stuff you plan on relocating, the more the move will cost for packing supplies and labor.

Below, you’ll find several wonderful ways to dispose of your unwanted goods and possibly even gain some extra cash.

    • Garage sales might take a little time and preparation but may be worth it if you have a lot of junk you’d like to get rid of before the move. Try to hold the garage sale several weeks before moving day if possible so that you have time to set up and clean up while still preparing for relocation. Advertise the garage sale ahead of time and organize and price all your unwanted items in the garage or somewhere away from all your other belongings that you plan on transporting to the new home.
    • If you are not concerned with earning extra money or simply don’t have the time to sell them, don’t just throw them in the trash. Consider donating anything that may be of use to someone else or that still remains in good condition.
    • For more valuable items that you wish to rid of, try using online resources to sell them. Furniture, collectibles and antiques are often sold over the Internet. This is a great way to get the money you expect for the item you are selling.