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Bay Area international movers Bay Area Movers provides the leading international moving services to all their customers relocating out of the Bay Area. From start to finish, we provide the safest, quickest and most affordable moving solutions. Moving overseas is a task only professionals should take on. All household goods and items that ship overseas during a relocation must gain Customs approval and other consents before making the trip to their new home. The moving crew members and agents at Bay Area Movers international are equipped with this experience and knowledge. They will help you collect all the proper documentation and adhere to all relevant foreign import policies for the nation you are moving to.

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Preparing and Planning for the International Move

Our international relocation experts will help with you prepare for your move accordingly. Aside from gathering all pertinent documents and forms of proof, they will help you pack or at least provide you with the proper packaging materials depending on if you opted for our full packing services. We highly recommend full packing services to all of our customers as we reserve the right to refuse or repack any items that were packaged improperly.

Before the items are loaded onto the truck for shipment, one of our movers will create a checklist of all items. They will then provide you with our shipment tracking information so you can watch as your items make their way to their new home across land and sea. During this process, an international account facilitator will guide you along and be there to help you with any concerns that may arise.

Just to Be Safe…

The process of moving internationally can get confusing especially when you must abide by the nation’s import policy. To assure a smoother process and the elimination of any issues, there are some items we will absolutely not allow on our trucks, ships or in our shipping containers. If the following items are found, the customer may not only be subjected to fees from Bay Area Movers, but from the nation the items are shipping to.

  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Narcotics
  • Agricultural Products
  • Pornographic Materials
  • Politically Sensitive Items or Materials
  • Flammable or Toxic Pollutants
  • Food and Perishables

It is also safe to assume responsibility for any jewelry or valuables. You may want to ship them separately or keep them with you during the relocation. It is also important to remember that the nation will tax all items and these taxes must be paid in full before Customs approves your relocation and the shipment of your belongings.

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Call Bay Area International Movers for More Information

To learn more about our international moving services, give us a call at least a few months in advance to the desired moving day.  We will need the time to gain the necessary permissions after collecting the right documentation as according to the country’s requirements. Bay Area Movers also highly suggests using our packing services to ensure that all items are approved. This will make for a speedier, more affordable moving process. Call us today and we will provide you with more information and a FREE quote!

Call (408) 659 2190 and get free moving consultation from the leading international moving company in SF Bay Area.