Professionals are Trained to Securely Handle Relocation

GeorgiaAnyone can try their best to conduct relocation without professional help. However, this usually leads to broken belongings, damage to the property, lots of extra expenses, and sometimes lost or stolen items. When you hire someone with experience and training, you can expect that your property is carefully and properly handled and cared for.


Movers are trained to pack, load, unload, lift, and transport properly. Not only are they trained to handle the relocation, but they have the latest in moving tools and equipment. Rollers, dollies, ramps, ladders, and other tools are brought along with the movers to help them conduct a move more safely. This will prevent them from getting injured while protecting your stuff from harm.


After the loading process, it is time for the movers to hit the road and take off to the next location. During the transport, the movers are trained to avoid poor road conditions and bad weather. They will pay close attention to road and weather reports. If they notice any obstacles, they will take an alternative route.


Professional movers have one job, to get your belongings from one address to the next safely, without any issues. They will be as careful and professional as possible. Moving companies also carry insurance coverage. Their insurance policy will cover any damage or replacements should something happen to your property. This prevents you and the company from out of pocket expenses during the relocation.


How Proper Packing Protects Your Property

BoxWhen you pack away your belongings for relocation, it must be done in a particular way so that the contents in the box arrive at the next location unharmed. You can’t just throw miscellaneous items in the box then seal it and expect that everything is safe. Movers are trained to pack properly.


Each individual piece should be wrapped in bubble wrap, foam sheets or newspaper if it stands a chance at breaking during the handling of the box it is in. Dishes should be stacked with foam sheets in between them and smaller boxes should be used for such heavy items. Larger boxes should be used for linens, pillows, winter clothes, and other light weight items.


As you pack, it is suggested that you leave the boxes in the room you packed them in. Each box should be stacked nicely and there should be room left for the movers to get in and out easily. Make sure each box is taped well and sealed. The room that the box is to go in should be written legibly in permanent marker on the sides. If there are fragile items in the box, write “fragile” or “this way up,” if it shouldn’t be flipped over.


In order to avoid all of the packing, you could purchase full service packing. The movers will then come in and pack everything away before the scheduled moving date. They will even bring their own packing supplies and tools. When you get this service, you can avoid packing and spend time doing other things to prepare for the relocation.


Why Are Movers’ Rates Reasonable?

Save MoneyMost moving companies offer very reasonable low rates. If they don’t it doesn’t mean that they are a bad company and that you should count them out immediately. They may have other services wrapped up into the basic service you need. Always inquire about what is entailed in the services before you make a decision to hire. If a mover asks you for a large down payment or all of the money up front, then they may be a scam artist and this is when you should be skeptical.

Moving companies usually offer relatively reasonable rates. Many people try to conduct relocations on their own because they think movers charge too much. However if you consider all that is entailed and how much it would cost for you to do it alone, the cost of hiring a mover is often cheaper.

Not only are costs for labor a factor in the rate you are given, but fuel and other expenses must be wrapped into the rate. Not to mention, almost all professional movers offer insurance coverage. Not having to find people to help with relocation is already a huge advantage. Plus, the movers have the trucks and right equipment to conduct a move safely. Most untrained persons will end up with lost or damaged items. Which is also why it is preferred by many to hire a moving company so that they have the insurance coverage in case anything happens during the process.

You don’t have to purchase any of the additional features and services that movers offer, but if you have the room within your budget, they can be of great help to you during the moving process. All of these services are usually low in price too and can free up more of your time so you can focus on other matters in regards to the move. Some movers will include full packing services into their basic services, while others offer it is as an add-on. Even as an add-on, the services aren’t usually overpriced.

Eco-Friendly Moving Services

RecycleThere are many movers in the Bay Area that take being eco-friendly very seriously. They try to make sure that they offer a range of eco-friendly services to their customers who tend to be environmentally conscious. This only makes it better for the environment and serves those who also share the same mind frame.


A lot of the movers you decide to look into more than likely offer reusable packing materials or materials that can be recycled after use. You could also look into e-crate rentals. E-crate rentals are plastic bins that you can use to pack all of your belongings in. They are stronger than cardboard boxes and help protect the environment even further. When you are done with the e-crates, they simply get returned to the moving company. Most moving companies will drop off and pick up the e-crate rentals.


Recycling services are also offered through most movers. These services include retrieving anything you have that might need to be recycled and taking it to the nearest recycling facility for you. Those with large items or many items usually get this service, as it prevents them from having to bring these no longer used items with them or throwing them away improperly. Some of the items often recycled through these services are e-waste items such as electronics. It isn’t always that easy to find a place that excepts e-waste. Nevertheless, the movers have facilities that they work with in order to help you rid of these and other types of household appliances and recyclables.

What Is E-Crate Rental?

Plastic ContainerA huge part of relocation is packing all of your belongings up so that the are protected and ready for transport. Not only is this an arduous process, but it requires that you use the right packing materials. Cardboard boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing peanuts are usually what is needed to pack properly. While a lot of these materials can be recycled, they usually aren’t. It creates a lot of mess and can be quite overwhelming as you are packing or unpacking all of your belongings.


E-crates are usually made of plastic and they can be rented from many different moving companies. You can choose to rent them for the packing process, so that cardboard boxes and tape aren’t even necessary. It condenses the mess and even helps protect the environment. When you rent the e-crate, you simply use them to pack everything in before your property’s transport. When you are through with the unpacking process, you have them returned to the moving company. Most moving companies will even come drop them off and pick them up.


Not only can you rent e-crates, but if you want to avoid the packing process all together, you can purchase full packing services. The movers will arrive sometime before the scheduled transport and bring the e-crates with them. They will then pack up everything using the proper packaging techniques. Everything will be packed securely and ready for transport.


There are other eco-friendly services you can inquire about through the moving company too. Most will offer recycling services and other environmentally sound features to their customers. They understand the importance of keeping the earth green.

When Is the Best Time to Book with a Mover?

Marin City.CAMoving companies, especially those located on the West Coast are often busy. You have many different movers to choose from, yet you must make sure you are booking with them plenty of time in advance. If you call to late, they may not have any openings around your desired time frame.


It is highly recommended that you contact a professional moving company at least two months prior to the date you would like to have your belongings hauled to the next location. Also, keep in mind that if your relocation is long distance, it could take some time for the movers to even get through the travels. Movers typically guarantee that a relocation from one side of the nation to the other will take no more than two weeks. Most will make the trip in about ten days as long as weather and road conditions are favorable.


Not only should you book with a mover well in advance, but you should consider the season in which you are in need of relocation services. Are you calling during a busy season or an off-season? Off seasons are usually when the weather turns colder. Many people do not wish to move between late fall and late spring. This is always a good option if you can make that choice. Not only will you get the help you need at the time you need from the moving company, but you could benefit from discounts or promotions offered during these colder, less busy months.


The reason it’s so critical to book with a mover at least a couple months in advance isn’t just due to the mover’s availability. You will have much more to attend to in regards to the relocation other than booking the mover. About five weeks before the big day, the packing process should begin. This could take anywhere from a day to a couple weeks, depending on the size of the relocation. Many people will add on full packing services so that they don’t have to worry about the preparation of their belongings for relocation.

Is Cubicle Installation a Difficult Process for Movers?

CubicleWhenever you are planning a commercial move or an office relocation, you will have an abundance of helpful and convenient services made available to you through the moving companies in the area. The San Francisco Bay Area is swamped with movers and it is up to you to decide what services and company will suit your needs best.


Cubicle installation is the simplest and quickest way to get your cubicle walls standing up without having to install them yourself. It is one of the greatest perks a mover can offer, especially to those with large office relocations where cubicles are the main form of separation between employees. Trying to fumble with the cubicle walls can take forever and become quite stressful after you have been battling with them for a long period of time.


When a mover offers cubicle installation, take advantage of this service if it is within your budget. It is usually offered for a reasonable rate and the movers can have your cubicle walls installed in no time at all. They will bring all of the tools needed when they know they are coming in for this service. They will also have many helping hands.


All of the movers are trained to handle commercial and office relocations. They understand what they must do to safely conduct these types of moves. Cubicle installation is also a part of their training. They will have the experience necessary to securely lock in your standalone partitions. They can even take old cubicle walls down whenever this service is needed.

How Does a Mover’s Recycling Services Work?

RecyclingThe moving companies throughout the Bay Area take great care of their customers and not only their customers, but their environment. Most of the movers in California try to offer as many eco-friendly services as they can. One of these services is recycling. Of course, recycling services through a moving company don’t include your typical plastic bottles and paper products. With as much space as the movers have on their trucks and all of the equipment they have to assist with lifting, they can certainly haul much larger items to a recycling facility.

Items That Can Be Recycled through Most Movers

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Old Game Systems
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Office Equipment
  • Scrap Metal

All of the items listed are commonly found being hauled away by moving companies who were paid for recycling services. The movers usually have relationships with the recycling facilities in the area, so that they always have somewhere to directly haul the recyclables after they are picked up from the property.

Recycling facilities will take the junk and make sure that it is reused in some way, shape of form. This is only protecting the environment from harmful effects that could endanger the wildlife surrounding us in the Bay Area. Not to many people are aware of the recycling regulations or facilities made available to them. It is also harder for those with the junk to find a truck large enough to haul the items away and lifting them can be strenuous. Recycling services aren’t expensive and it can save you a lot of time and money.



An Explanation of Hauling Services

LandfillYou can almost guarantee that most of the movers in the Bay Area offer hauling services. This is an additional service among the many that you will find offered. This is a wonderful selection for anyone who might have accumulated a lot of junk over the years and has decided not to bring it all with them to their next home. It is also great for commercial properties and offices that need to rid of a large amount of possessions such as old office equipment or worn down furniture.


When you decide to get hauling services, you must schedule a date for the movers to come retrieve all that needs to be hauled away. They will arrive as scheduled and begin loading the truck with all of the junk. They will have all that they need to load the stuff into the truck without getting hurt or becoming strained from heavy lifting.


After the truck is loaded with all of your unwanted items, it will take them to the nearest disposal facility. Of course, it will depend on the kind of materials being hauled away, but the movers will know where the most suitable drop off is for it all. For example, if you are ridding of scrap metal, it would more than likely be recycled or taken to a scrap yard. If there is no value to the junk or the materials aren’t worthy of being reused, the movers will take the rubbish to a landfill.


Most movers are always trying their best to remain environmentally friendly for their customers. If you are concerned about where the items are being taken to, don’t hesitate to ask. The moving company should be more than happy to address all of your concerns. They may even have alternative suggestions.

How to Avoid Scam Artists

Scam ArtistIt is no secret that when you go to purchase services from anyone, you need to check out their credentials or you may become the victim of a scam. It is unfortunate, but there are people out there who will pose as movers just to make quick money. These people will have no concern over the safety of your possessions. They could end up lost, damaged or stolen. Then, when you go to file a complaint, they aren’t willing to show you any signs of concern and refuse to give you your money back. It is always smart to be aware of the characteristics that scam artists or bad movers possess.


The Signs of a Bad Mover


  • You can’t find their website or much information about them online.
  • They don’t carry insurance coverage.
  • There aren’t any signs of BBB approval or proper licensing.
  • The movers are using rental trucks rather than company trucks.
  • The movers are rude and careless with the handling of your property.
  • You will notice that they aren’t using the right moving equipment.
  • Some may ask for a full upfront payment or large down payments.


By avoiding all of the signs listed, you can avoid hiring the wrong mover. Reliable movers possess positive qualities, including the reputation and online presence. These are simple to find out. Just go online to do some research on the companies you have in consideration. They should be found quickly and there should be reviews, testimonials and ratings from their past customers.