Meeting your new neighbors is definitely nerve wracking. However, you never know how great they might be until you make an effort to meet them. Take the time to introduce yourself once you’re settled. Getting to know your neighbors will make it easier to feel at home in your new neighborhood. Below, you’ll find tips that will help you introduce yourself without coming across too forceful about it.

  • Pay close attention to your neighborhood after you move in. Take notice to the demographics of the neighborhood- who has kids, those who are elderly, and who may have similar interests with you and your family.
  • Walking around the neighborhood and spending time in your yard is a great way to meet the neighbors. You’ll find that a lot of your neighbors make an effort to come greet you and introduce themselves when you make it easy for them to.
  • Make an effort to introduce yourself when you see your neighbors outside. Of course, you don’t want to introduce yourself if they seem to be in a rush or on their way out the door. However, when they’re leisurely spending time outside or walking around the neighborhood, make an effort.
  • When you get your opportunity and go to introduce yourself, you can start off with conversation by focusing on whatever they might be doing at that time. For example, if they’re outside gardening, you can complement their landscaping. There are many great ways to start a conversation so that you can meet them and introduce yourself.
  • Hosting a get together is a great way to meet your neighbors all at once. Plan a cookout or host a dinner so that you can invite your new neighbors to your home. You can even invite friends from your previous neighborhood to make the situation more comfortable.

When you meet your neighbors, be friendly but not too aggressive. You want to respect your neighbors’ space as you wish for them to respect yours. The initial meet and greet should remain short. Your neighbors will warm up to you quickly before you know it if you follow the advice given above.