Staying Organized and Getting Prepared for a Move

ToDo ListIf there is one thing that is more important than anything else during relocation, it is staying on top of things. Relocations can get chaotic and messy as soon as organization isn’t a factor. It is important that as the person in need of relocation services, you maintain a level of organization and that you prepare for the move efficiently. This will assist the movers in conducting a safe and more secure move.


The best way to prepare for relocation is by creating a list of things to-do. This list can be as long and detailed as you would like. Just make sure that it includes all things that you must get accomplished before your big moving day. When you accomplish things on the list, cross them off to help you stay on track.


It is wise to have a babysitter prepared on the day of the move and to have all entryways and pathways cleared for the movers. If they must park on city property, make sure you obtained a parking permit. This includes street parking in most cases. Everything must be clean and easy for the movers to maneuver as necessary.


There are many ways to be prepared, but one thing that must be done by the time the movers arrive, is the packing. Everything will need to be packed away and ready for the movers to load onto the truck. The boxes should be stacked neatly in every room and they should be labeled clearly so that they know where to place them at the new address when they arrive. Having a list of inventory will help to assure everything makes it to its new home safely.



How Should I Prepare for Moving Day?

To Do ListPreparing for moving day is one of the most important things that you can do on your end of the moving process. Even though it takes time out of your schedule, it will only make the moving process easier on all of those involved, including yourself. To avoid lost or damaged goods, or any issues at all, hire a reliable moving company for the job and immediately start preparing.


  • Make a checklist. Refer to this list daily and cross of everything that you have gotten accomplished as you near the big day. The list can include anything and everything in regards to the moving process.
  • Create a list of inventory. This can be per individual piece or a box count and furniture count. Whatever is easiest for you and what you feel most comfortable with doing.
  • Have everything packed up and ready to go by the day of the scheduled move. Make sure every box is labeled clearly.
  • Clean the house and make sure all entryways and pathways are free from clutter so that the movers aren’t presented with any obstacles.
  • Make sure there is somewhere for the movers to park within close vicinity, preferably right next to the entrance. If they must park in the street or on public property, you may need a parking permit from the city.
  • Have a babysitter prepared for moving day if you have any children or pets.
  • Have cash on hand.
  • Buy water and snacks for the movers if you have the means to do so. This will lift morale and help them to work more efficiently.
  • Have extra packing supplies ready just in case a box breaks or gets damaged while loading is being conducted.