carrying PianoMoving a piano is no easy task. It takes a great deal of precaution, strength and experience to move the instrument properly. Not to mention, you will need special tools and be capable of taking apart and reassembling the piano. Moving companies often offer these services. They train their employees on piano moving so that they can relocate the heavy item without causing it any harm in the process. Should an untrained person attempt a piano relocation, they will more than likely cause harm to their prized possession or have a very difficult time trying to get it moved onto the truck.


Those trained to move pianos will know exactly what to do. In most cases, the movers will bring in blankets, a roller and tools to begin the piano moving process. The professionals will first take apart the piano as necessary. This typically includes removing the legs and any other parts that might easily become broken during the transport. They will take these pieces and gently wrap them up in blankets or bubble wrap. The body of the piano will also be wrapped up and then lifted onto the roller. The professionals will steadily wheel the piano to the truck for loading.



When the piano safely arrives at its new home, the movers will reassemble every piece. They will make sure that the piano is placed directly where you specified as they reassemble everything properly. They will assure the piano’s functionality is exactly how it was prior to relocation as well. After you have had the chance to inspect the heavy instrument, the movers will be on their way. However, if you do happen to notice anything is missing or that the piano has suffered damage, let the movers know. They will address your concerns by filling out a report and having you sign it. This form is then taken in and filed. Our Bay Area moving company will call you within a few days and explain how you can file an insurance claim through their policy.