Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Money Relocating is a matter that brings about extra expenses that you may or may not be prepared for. When the budget is tight, many feel that handling the move independently is best. This isn’t necessarily the truth. Hiring a mover is perhaps the cheapest route, depending on your type of move. They usually offer low flat rates and even insurance so that if something breaks or ends up lost, you don’t have to replace it with out-of-pocket money. Their insurance policy will cover the belongings if they were lost or damaged under the mover’s care.

There are ways to cut the costs of a move, even when you hire a mover for help. Just be mindful of where you spend your money, and follow some tips below.

  • Pack things up on your own instead of purchasing full packing services.
  • Use materials around the house to help with packing. You can use socks for storing glasses, linens to wrap breakables in, and newspaper for packing.
  • Get boxes from local stores in the area instead of buying your own. Ensure they are in assorted sizes and strong enough to hold your belongings safely.
  • Have a garage sale. Not only will this condense the belongings you need to move, but it could also help you earn money from items you no longer use.
  • See if you qualify for discounts, sales, or promotions with the moving company.
  • Plan your relocation during the off months. The busiest time of the year for movers is during the spring and summer. Plan your relocation during the fall or winter to benefit from cheaper rates.
  • See if you qualify for any tax reductions. Long-distance moves for work are one of the things that could have you qualified for tax breaks.