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Stress-free Moving Services by Our Professional Movers

Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or across the US, the specialists at Bay Area Movers what a stressful undertaking this can be for anyone.  Packing up your entire life in boxes and relocating to unfamiliar surroundings is stressful enough, so it’s important to ensure that everything is planned and prepared by moving […]

Why should You hire a Local Area Moving Company?

Planning and preparing for a move can be a challenging if not frustrating task, even if you’re just moving locally (less than 50 miles).   Despite the fact that it’s a short distance to your new home, there are still plenty of reasons for hiring local moving companies to help with the task.  Thus, in order […]

Can I Move in the Bay Area during COVID -19?

Bay Area Movers wants to ensure that your move into or out of the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland area during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without a doubt, this has been a very challenging time in US history.  During this time, our #1 priority is the health and safety of our clients as well as our employees.  Just […]

10 Tips for Moving Safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bay Area Movers understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has, to one degree or another, had an effect on all of us.  So, if you’re planning on moving or have already scheduled your moving date, the following questions could help you ensure that your relocation will go safely and smoothly.

Bay Area Moving Company for Last Minute Moves

At Bay Area Movers, we know that moving can be a daunting task much less even more stressful if you’ve been forced to move at the last minute.  So, when you’re facing circumstances that demand a last-minute move, Bay Area Movers will do everything possible to alleviate your stress and ensure that things go as […]

Small Moving Companies

Small Moving Companies Maybe you finally found the right home to accommodate your growing family. Or maybe you were relocated to another city and now you have to pack your belongings and start a new life. Or maybe your landlord decided that he doesn’t want to extend your lease and now you have to move […]

Short Distance Movers Near Me

See if this scenario rings any bells: you need to move because you’ve finally found that dream home you’re so desperately been looking for. But to do that, you also need to think about how you’ll possibly take all the belongings you want with you.

Last Minute Movers Bay Area

Last Minute Movers Bay Area You are about to embark on a relocation! This is an exciting time, as you’re starting a new chapter in your life. And a good team of movers can help make the transition as smooth as possible. But sometimes, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Maybe you found some […]

Cheap Moving Companies Near Me

After you’ve likely spent a lot of money on finding that dream home, you don’t want to pay a lot for a moving company to help you transport your belongings. So you go to Google and type “cheap moving companies near me,” hoping to find a team that can help. Only, you’re probably not going […]

Movers and Packers in the Bay Area

If you’re searching for bay area movers and packers, you’re likely getting ready to embark on a relocation. Whether it be a residential or business move, this kind of experience requires preparation, organization, and a quality moving company.