Eco-Friendly Moving Services

RecycleThere are many movers in the Bay Area that take being eco-friendly very seriously. They try to make sure that they offer a range of eco-friendly services to their customers who tend to be environmentally conscious. This only makes it better for the environment and serves those who also share the same mind frame.

A lot of the movers you decide to look into more than likely offer reusable packing materials or materials that can be recycled after use. You could also look into e-crate rentals. E-crate rentals are plastic bins that you can use to pack all of your belongings in. They are stronger than cardboard boxes and help protect the environment even further. When you are done with the e-crates, they simply get returned to the moving company. Most moving companies will drop off and pick up the e-crate rentals.

Recycling services are also offered through most movers. These services include retrieving anything you have that might need to be recycled and taking it to the nearest recycling facility for you. Those with large items or many items usually get this service, as it prevents them from having to bring these no longer used items with them or throwing them away improperly. Some of the items often recycled through these services are e-waste items such as electronics. It isn’t always that easy to find a place that excepts e-waste. Nevertheless, the movers have facilities that they work with in order to help you rid of these and other types of household appliances and recyclables.