How Should I Prepare for Moving Day?

To Do List Preparing for moving day is one of the most important things you can do on your end of the moving process. Even though it takes time out of your schedule, it will make moving easier for everyone involved, including yourself. To avoid lost or damaged goods or any issues, hire a reliable moving company for the job and immediately start preparing.

  • Make a checklist. Refer to this list daily and cross everything you have accomplished near the big day. The list can include anything and everything in regard to the moving process.
  • Create a list of inventory. This can be per individual piece or a box count and furniture count. Do whatever is easiest for you and what you feel most comfortable doing.
  • Have everything packed up and ready to go by the day of the scheduled move. Make sure every box is labelled clearly.
  • Clean the house and ensure all entryways and pathways are clutter-free so the movers aren’t presented with obstacles.
  • Make sure there is somewhere for the movers to park within close vicinity, preferably right next to the entrance. If they must park in the street or on public property, you may need a parking permit from the city.
  • Have a babysitter prepared for moving day if you have children or pets.
  • Have cash on hand.
  • Buy water and snacks for the movers if you have the means to do so. This will lift morale and help them to work more efficiently.
  • Have extra packing supplies ready if a box breaks or gets damaged while loading.