Cheap Moving Companies Near Me

After you’ve likely spent a lot of money on finding that dream home, you don’t want to pay a lot for a moving company to help you transport your belongings.

So you go to Google and type “cheap moving companies near me,” hoping to find a team that can help. Only, you’re probably not going to find a black on white price point.

Not to worry. We at Bay Area Movers will tell you everything there is to know about the costs of moving!

How Is the Price Established?

The cost of a move can vary a lot from person to person because there are a lot of different factors to consider. And all of these different factors can influence your quote:

  • Moving distance – If you’re living locally in the Bay Area it’s going to be a lot cheaper than moving to a different state, or even further;
  • How much you actually need to move – The more stuff you have, the higher the price you’ll pay. Plus, there’s also a matter of volume and weight of your belongings, since they may require specialized care to be moved safely;
  • Things that need ‘more care’ – If you have something really valuable, like antiques, then you likely need special equipment, which can also cost extra;
  • Packing and unloading services – This is the price for packing, loading the stuff, and unloading at the destination. It can be expensive, though you can choose partial service plans to save a few bucks. For instance, you can pack most of your things yourself, and only pay the movers to handle the more valuable belongings;
  • The time of year you’re moving – This can come as a surprise, but yes when you’re moving can influence how much you pay for this service. It’s because, typically, between April and September there’s a higher surge in demand, which can affect the price;
  • Insurance – You should really not skip it because it’s extra protection of all your belongings, but you do need to factor it in for the total cost.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to take into account here. So, we could tell you that the average cost of hiring a moving company for a local move is around $1,400 and $5,000 for a long-distance move. But, when you start putting two and two together based on your own needs, these numbers may be way off.

Luckily for you, we’re not your average moving team. Bay Area Movers knows you’re on a tight budget, and we can help you create an affordable moving plan that won’t break the bank!

Why You Should Work with Us

We pride ourselves in offering some of the most affordable moving rates in the entire Bay Area! But how exactly do we do that?

It’s simple. At Bay Area Movers, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry, which means we’ve pretty much seen and done everything. This gives us a great competitive edge. Thanks to our knowledge, we can be as efficient as possible with any moving project we take on. And more efficient means less money down the drain.

If you work with us, you’ll get:

  1. Full-Service Moves

If you’re a pretty busy person and just don’t have the time to dedicate 100% to the moving process, that’s perfectly fine. We can step in and take care of everything, while you just sit back and carry on with your activities.

We offer full-service moves for any type of job, big or small. That means if you need a team to move locally, long-distance, or even internationally, we’re the one to call. Bay Area Movers offers pristine service both for office moving and home/apartment moving.

  1. Winter Discounts

Remember that we said the date of your move can affect the price? Well, the winter season is usually not as popular for moving, since it’s colder and it may be more difficult to plan out the process.

But we like to stay busy even in the winter, which is why we’re offering an incentive. If you plan your move during the winter season, you’ll get a winter discount.

It’s really a win-win situation. We get to stay busy, and you get to save some money!

  1. Vehicle Shipping

If you can’t drive the car yourself to your new destination, don’t worry. We can make sure it gets to where it needs to be safely and fast! And, you’ll also be able to track the car’s movement through a GPS tracking system, so you can keep a close eye on where your vehicle is at all times.

  1. Storage Facilities

Some of your belongings won’t make the cut in your move, but that doesn’t always mean you want to get rid of them. So we have the solution: high-quality storage units that are climate-controlled and secured. You can even place more delicate objects like antiques and rest assured they will be safe from damage and theft!

  1. Services for Your Specific Needs

At Bay Area Movers, you won’t get a sales pitch. We truly want to help you make a smooth transition, and we’ll never try to push you to accept more services than the ones you like.

If you want a full-service package, that’s great. If you just need a few specific things from us, that’s also great. We treat every job with the same care, no matter how big or small.

  1. A Family-Run Business

Bay Area Movers is a family-run business, and we think this gives us a perspective other companies simply lack. We’ve never been all about the profit but try as best as we can to offer high-quality services at convenient rates.

To us, you’re not just another task we have to get done. You’re part of the Bay Area Movers family the moment we shake hands!

  1. A Hassle-Free Moving Experience

Everything we do is to ensure your move takes place without a glitch. If you’ve worked with movers before, you know about some of the problems that can come up. It’s why can promise you Bay Area Movers will always be:

  • Right on time;
  • Always careful with your belongings;
  • Happy to help you find the best, affordable solutions;
  • Transport everything as planned, no delays, no excuses.

Over to You: We’re Waiting for Your Call

Bay Area Movers has been around for three decades thanks to our hard work and dedication. Our crew is the best one in the entire Bay Area, and you now have the chance to work with them!

So get in touch with us right now and ask for a free, accurate price estimation. We only provide these estimates when we know everything about your move. That way, we can give you a realistic price point to allow you to set your budget.