Short Distance Movers Near Me

See if this scenario rings any bells: you need to move because you’ve finally found that dream home you’re so desperately been looking for. But to do that, you also need to think about how you’ll possibly take all the belongings you want with you.

The good news is that your new home is fairly close, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, right? You just need 2-3 friends with extra time to spare, and you’re set.

Well, not exactly. We at Bay Area Movers have over 30 years of experience in the moving business, and thanks to that experience, we can tell you right now moving is more complicated than you’d think. Even if it’s a short distance.

Why You Need a Pro

If you only have to pack a suitcase, then honestly, you’re good to go on your own. Some people can afford to completely rebuild their life from scratch, so they don’t have to worry about moving grandma’s sofa into their new home.

But if that’s not you, we completely understand why you’d first want to move your belongings on your own. Before you dive into the whole thing, you should consider everything the moving process involves, and see if you can prepare adequately for it and if in the end, it’s more cost-effective to do it on your own.

Because if you do it on your own, you’ll:

  • Have a lot of extra work;
  • Need more time to prepare;
  • You need to find the right packing materials and ways to move all your belongings.

And more. There are a lot of costs associated with moving that you may not even think about. These costs can add up quickly, and when you draw the line you may even end up paying more to move your belongings yourself, as opposed to hiring a team of professionals.

If you want to know how much moving will cost you at Bay Area Movers, give us a call for a quote.

The Costs of Moving Yourself

Many people think that by not hiring movers they will save a lot of money. And that can sometimes be true, though there are some costs of moving you need to think about:

  1. Renting Out Trucks

You may not be able to fit some of your furniture in your car, in which case you’ll need to rent a truck to be able to transport your belongings. Maybe even 2 trucks, depending on how much stuff you really have.

Plus, you’ll also want insurance. Even if it’s a short drive, you still want to make sure your stuff is protected right?

  1. Gas Money

If you want to save money on the number of trucks you rent to move, then you’ll likely make several trips back and forth to transport all your belongings. As a result, you need to factor in the money for gas when making your budget. And remember, bigger trucks often consume more gas!

  1. Packing Materials

You’ll need boxes, bubble wrap, and some straps to firmly secure the cargo in the truck. While this may not sound like it could be an expensive purchase, if you have a lot of things that need to be protected by wrapping, the costs can quickly add up.

  1. Helpers

Then, you’ll need someone to help you, like 2-3 friends or family members. And this can be a cost. Think if you need to move in the middle of the week, in which case your friends and family members may need to take a day off.

If they’ll use their own cars, then you’re likely going to help cover the cost of gas, maybe even give them a thank you gift afterward. And if you have a lot of stuff to move, especially heavy stuff, it may even be harder to find someone to help you.

How We Can Help

Even if you’re only moving to the other side of the city, you may be better off calling in a team of pros to help you make a smooth transition.

Here are some pros of working with an experienced team of movers like Bay Area Movers:

  1. We Take Care of Everything

With us, you don’t have to worry about how much wrapping materials you need, how to safely load that sofa on the truck, or anything of the sort. In fact, you don’t even have to take a day off at all! We can come in and take care of everything you need, and transport your belongings safely to your new home.

  1. Your Health Will Thank You

Lifting heavy objects doesn’t just require a lot of strength – it’s also a matter of technique. If you’re not used to doing it, then there’s a high chance you can even hurt yourself while trying to move a heavy piece of furniture or loading it on a truck if you’re not careful.

  1. You Save a Lot of Time

You won’t even believe how fast we’ll get the job done. Bay Area Movers has been around for more than three decades, which means we know all the ins and outs of the moving process.

Our crew is extremely efficient and can wrap, load, transport, and unload everything in record time. If you’re on a tight schedule, we can make sure you don’t miss your deadline.

  1. You Won’t Spend That Much

We are a family-run business, and we also strive to keep our rates very family budget-friendly, while also never compromising on the quality of our services.

We are completely aware you don’t have an infinite budget to spend on a moving crew. In fact, you probably just spent quite a lot of money on that new home in the first place. If you want to know how much it would cost for us to help you move, get in touch with our offices now. We can give you a close estimation based on the project you have (how much of your belongings you need to move, the distance, etc.).

Final Thoughts: We Are the Local Movers You Need

If you’re still not sold that you’re better off trying to move your belongings yourself rather than hiring a team, we get it. At first glance, that really seems like the cheaper option, especially if it’s a short-distance move.

But when you break it down, moving all your belongings yourself may end up costing you more. Not to mention the fact that you have no real protection in the event that something is damaged during transport.

So if you’re looking for short distance movers near you, give Bay Area Movers a call. We offer our services in the entire city of San Francisco, and Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and more! Get in touch with us right now for a cost estimate of your project, and see that we’re the most comfortable and affordable option out there!