Downsizing before Relocation

Downsizing Downsizing is always wise before relocation. If you know that you will be moving, begin sorting through your possessions to decide whether they will be kept or disposed of. Some people may do this to try to lower their quote. Some don’t want to relocate with all of the stuff they own. If they move from a large home to a small apartment, they may not have any other options.

There are several ways you could begin downsizing. First, you must consider how you could go about ridding of the items.

  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Post items online or for sale in the newspaper.
  • Donate unwanted possessions.
  • Give things away to friends and family.
  • Ask the moving company about their storage solutions.

Most moving companies will have their own storage units or facilities they like to work closely with. These units can be rented for any belongings you cannot take along but do not wish to get rid of. Otherwise, if any items are to be thrown away completely, the movers offer hauling and recycling services.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Sorting through Items

  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Will it fit into my next home?
  • Do I have more than one?
  • What is the sentimental value of belonging?
  • Does the possession originally belong to someone else in the family?
  • Is it worth any money?