Use Delancey Street Movers in the Bay Area for a Commercial Move


There is a lot needed to carry out a successful commercial move. It takes many helping hands and the right equipment. Hiring Delancey Street movers from the Bay Area is the greatest way to ensure a successful yet affordable relocation. They will accommodate your needs and use their experience in the moving industry to carefully plan out a strategy prior to the date set for your move to begin.

About Commercial Relocations

Using their experience and training, the movers will cautiously load and unload your commercial property’s belongings without causing harm to anything in the process. Office machinery, furniture, walls, floors, and all other property will remain unharmed due to the use of quality moving equipment and tools as well.

Movers that specialize in commercial moves usually have the ability to handle important documentation and other filed paperwork. If you plan on calling several movers for quotes, ask about their procedures for moving important files. All computers and electronics will be disassembled carefully and put together again once unloaded at the new commercial location.

When it comes to furniture and other heavy objects, the movers may disassemble them and wrap them in blankets. This not only protects the furniture, but the walls and floors as it’s moved out of the building. In most cases, the movers will place the furniture on a dolly of some sort to get it to the truck. Everything will be put together again after delivery.