Tips for Moving to the Bay Area from Chicago


The thought of moving your stuff from one place to the next might make you feel uneasy, but when you hire a moving company to help you move to the Bay Area you can let all uneasiness aside. Movers with longstanding history in the industry will carry out your relocation by using the latest in transport equipment and the best packaging materials. Their experience and training is extremely important in the process of loading, unloading and transporting everything.

Getting Ready for the Day of the Move

  • Pack, label and tape up all boxes.
  • Pack away one room at a time and push all boxes to the side by the wall.
  • All valuables and important documents should go into clearly labeled boxes that you take with you instead of letting them go with the movers.
  • Jot down a list of inventory as you pack away the boxes or as they’re readied for loading.
  • Leave cleaning supplies behind so you can clean after the movers are finished.
  • Make sure you’re around when the movers are loading and unloading at both locations. If you can’t, designate another responsible party and inform the movers of the change.
  • Always pay for insurance through the moving company. It will help put your mind at ease during the moving process.
  • Keep all children and pets away when the movers arrive. Book with a sitter in advance.
  • Move all clutter out of doorways and hallways. Make sure the movers have a clear path to every room they must enter.

Make moving day easier on everyone by having the entry and hallways cleared of clutter. Keep cool refreshments and even snacks out for those helping. Try to have everything prepared and ready by the date booked with the mover.