Questions to Ask Before You Hire Movers

If you plan to hire a moving company in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must ensure that you have all the information that prospective first-time customers will always ask. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions that people ask on a regular basis:

At what point in the process should my move be scheduled? The sooner you have your move scheduled with the moving company, the better. Moving companies recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks before your move so that you can be given the date you need.

Will the company charge for overtime? Yes, they do. California state law requires employees who work more than 8 consecutive hours to be paid at a rate equal to 1.5 times their normal rate. However, overtime time charges do not apply when the move is calculated flatly.

How do I ready my appliances for the move? Ensure that your refrigerator has been totally defrosted and that your washing machine is completely drained before they are loaded onto the truck.

Is the company fully insured and licensed? Most licensed movers always carry the proper insurance coverage and will gladly provide proof when asked. Furthermore, it is important to check that they are licensed with the State Department of Transportation and the Public Utilities Commission.

What does moving cost? Local moves (within 100 miles of the origination point) are charged hourly. Long-distance moves (over 100 miles) are charged at a flat rate.

What insurance coverage does the company provide? Movers carry what is called limited liability insurance, and it is the minimum amount that the state requires. You do not pay extra for this as it is included in the flat or hourly rate you charge.

Although these are the basics to know before hiring a moving service, you need to ensure that you get free quotes from at least 2-3 companies before shortlisting one of them. This will help you get the best price and get a chance to save on your move. Thus, call in and schedule an appointment with the movers to accurately evaluate your goods before giving a price.