Moving out of the Bay Area and to Portland through a Skilled Moving Company

The Bay Area has many great moving companies with positive reputations among the community. Find the one that offers the best services at the lowest price. Use the steps below to help guarantee a smooth relocation across the nation to Portland.

Follow These Steps for a Smooth Move

moving-moversIn order to relocate without any accidents or harm done to your belongings, it is necessary to follow some steps that will only assure a smoother relocation.

  • Look online for companies’ reviews and ratings online and ask about the certifications they have. They should have years of experience and all of the proper state licensing.
  • Select services that allow your move to be easier on you. If you can afford to do so, opt in for full service packing. Always purchase insurance through the mover for added peace of mind.
  • Book your moving date about two months ahead of time. This will give you and the movers plenty of time to prepare.
  • If you did not decide to purchase the full packing services, start your packing at least five weeks before the moving date. Use all of the proper packing supplies such as assorted boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, scissors, and permanent marker. Begin packing room by room, starting with the room you use the least. Make sure all boxes are clearly labeled.
  • Create a checklist of things to be done before the move. This could include matters such as utility and job transfers, making phone calls, and whatever else must be done before you leave the Bay Area for Portland.
  • Prepare for moving day. Have a sitter ready for the kids and pets. Have the home cleaned up with the exception of the boxes and furniture to be relocated. Have pathways made for the movers and even put down plastic over carpeting if you do not wish for it to get dirty during the loading process. Have somewhere for the truck to be parked nearby.
  • Ask the movers when they will arrive at the next location. See what route they intend to take and make sure that you collect their phone numbers so that you can contact them if necessary.