St. Helena.CA There are many moving companies in the United States, but St. Helena has some of the most reputable moving companies in the nation. If you plan on moving in the near future, contact a moving company at least six weeks prior to your move. Moving companies will offer you an in-home evaluation which is where an individual will come to your home and give you an accurate quote.


Preparing for an Evaluation

You can make your in-home evaluation run much smoother by clearing out every crawl space, closet and cupboard before the estimator arrives at your door. One way the moving company will come up with their final cost is based on the weight of the load. Making sure that all the items you plan on moving are visible is extremely important if you want to get as accurate of a quote as possible.


Where to Find Free Boxes


  • Bring empty boxes from your workplace such as printer paper boxes.
  • Ask friends or post a request on social media.
  • Look around your neighborhood on recycling and garbage day for empty boxes.
  • Liquor stores will usually have tons of boxes which are perfect for holding heavy items.



Properly Packing up Your Home

The best way to keep things organized during the packing process is to pack up one room at a time. Typically, the most effective way to pack up your home is to break down the largest room in the house first. This way, you can utilize the empty space as a place to put all of your boxes once they have been sealed.

Avoid packing up chemicals, fireworks or weapons in an area where the moving professionals will be working in. Save dangerous items for last and transport them in a personal vehicle to avoid paying extra fees or paying a fine. Make sure to create a packing list while you are documenting your items so you can keep tabs on them throughout the entire duration of the move.