Marin City.CA Residing in Sleepy Hollow presents you with many opportunities considering it is so close to some of California’s metropolises. This also means that when it is time to relocate out of the small community, you can quickly find a mover to hire for help. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you contact a mover about 2 months prior to the date you would like to begin the relocation process. This will give you time as well as the movers, time to prepare.

There is so much that goes into relocation. Packing, loading, truck space, transport, buying packing materials, unloading, and all of the other matters you must care for just to conduct the move safely. By hiring movers, all of that and more is taken care for, especially if you decide to purchase additional features such as full packing or hauling services. Another advantage to hiring a mover is that your property is protected with insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance and renters insurance won’t cover your stuff during relocation. It is a requirement for professional movers to carry an insurance policy.

Filing an Insurance Claim through the Mover’s Insurance Plan

The movers’ insurance plan is is meant to cover their customers’ property if it were to get damaged or lost during the transport. This is usually relatively rare since the movers are trained professionals with all of the proper equipment. However, accidents can happen and it is best to be fully prepared and protected.

After your belongings arrive at the new location, refer to the inventory list you created when you were packing. Make sure everything made its way safely. If you notice any damage or lost items, inform the driver. The driver will complete a report in which they will have you sign. It will get turned in to the moving company and they will usually give you a call within the next few days or so. After talking with them, a claim can be filed with their insurance company and all repairs or replacements will be addressed.