Rio Vista Movers and Moving Companies

Rio Vista.CA Moving The most reliable way to get your household goods transported to your new home is to hire a professional moving company in Rio Vista. There are many moving companies available all of which are competing for your business. To find out which moving company best suits your needs, contact at least three companies and collect quotes from each.

How are Household Goods Transported?

You can expect to see an enclosed trailer arrive at your door on move day and depending on the size of the move, there may be more than one. Moving professionals will stack boxes in a secure wall building fashion with less fragile items placed on the bottom. They will use state-of-the-art air-ride trailer which are designed to absorb the shock while the truck is in transit.

Document the Condition of Your Items

Before you place anything into boxes, make sure to take detailed notes, pictures and even video footage of your items. By doing this, you will have a better chance at receiving reimbursement for any damaged or lost items. Your moving professionals will also come prepared with their own inspection report sheet which you will sign before the item is loaded onto the trailer.

Things to Do When Moving

  • Get measurements for the new place
  • Remove unwanted items from your home
  • Tell neighbors you plan on moving and when
  • Box up everything you can
  • Do not use boxes or bags that are to large

What to Do If Items Become Lost or Stolen

If anything you own should become damaged or missing during the moving process, make sure to contact the moving company as soon as possible. The moving company is only responsible for lost or damaged items if they customer purchased full-coverage and documented the item on a packing list. The first thing to remember in this situation is to remain calm and give the moving company time to respond to your complaint.