PittsburgAnywhere in the Bay Area is great to reside, Pittsburg is just one of the many cities incorporated in the area. Whether you are moving there from another Bay Area city or town, or moving out of the area completely, there are many local movers with outstanding reputations just waiting to assist your relocation. Find the right company by doing some online research and narrowing down your results until you only have a few phone calls to make. Most of the information about a moving company can be found within their website, while other information you will need to find out by asking the customer service representative.

What Should I Ask the Movers?

There are so many things that people should ask a moving company before they decide to hire them and schedule their relocation date. A lot of people don’t bother but that could lead them into hiring a company that can’t be trusted and that is only interested in taking their money. Any friendly and professional customer service rep won’t mind the questions and will be happy to assist you with your inquiries.

  • Are you approved by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Are you licensed to conduct such moves?
  • Do you have the latest equipment and tools?
  • Are your employees trained?
  • Do you carry insurance coverage?
  • Do you offer the services I need?
  • What are your optional services?
  • What do you require for a down payment?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Are your employees covered by workman’s comp?

The questions above are all great ways to really feel out a company before you hire them. They should have the right services, price and qualifications. Of course, it is best to prepare yourself with a list of things you would like to ask before you get on the phone with the companies you are considering. Gather quotes during this time too.