Petaluma Historic Commercial District, Petaluma Blvd. at Western Ave., Petaluma, CA

Petaluma Historic Commercial District, Petaluma Blvd. at Western Ave., Petaluma, CA

Moving away from the beautiful waterfront City of Petaluma can be done with the aid of a moving company out of the Bay Area. With all the options, you will have no problem finding someone you can trust to handle your belongings carefully. This will only make it so that you have more time to address other matters while the movers handle the relocation.

Staying Organized during a Relocation

One thing that can cause serious headaches during your move is when things aren’t in order as they should be. There are many ways that you can keep your move running smoothly, but you’ll need to utilize your time wisely. Most long distance moving services require at least one month’s notice before they can offer you their services.

  • Color Coordinate Boxes by Room
  • Use Labels
  • Pack One Room at a Time
  • Pack Ahead
  • Use Luggage
  • Donate
  • Have a Garage Sale
  • Find a Babysitter for Pets and Children
  • Have Cash on Hand
  • Clean Entryways and Pathways for Movers
  • Get a Parking Permit if Necessary
  • Create a “To-Do” List
  • Keep Track of Your Inventory
  • Keep Valuables Packed Away Separately
  • Have the Right Packing Materials
  • Keep Track of Receipts, the Bill of Lading, and Other Documents

Staying organized during a move can be done easily if you create a checklist. The checklist should include every detail no matter how minor or major. This will only help you to be organized. Being organized will protect your stuff from becoming lost or stolen during the relocation. Often times, the movers will have their own lists and plans to abide by. Many of them even count the inventory to stay on track and make sure everything arrives at the next location.