Palo Alto Being 35 miles from San Francisco and 14 miles from San Jose, makes Palo Alto a desirable place to live. However, everyone moves eventually. On average, the American resident moves at least five times throughout their life. When relocating is something you have to look forward to soon, it is best to start researching the movers within the Bay Area. They should have the right services, price and experience to complete the job without worry.

The amount of movers in the area can be overwhelming. Get online and narrow down your search to a selected few. Then call the ones you have it narrowed down to and begin asking questions and gathering quotes. Some movers offer flat rates while others will come out and get an idea of how much is to be moved before they give you any kind of estimate.

Residential VS Commercial Moves

Residential and commercial moves differ in many ways. Neither one is necessarily more difficult than the other, but they will both require different tools and methods. A residential move might be just as large as some commercial moves. However, different obstacles might be presented such as the lack of space or parking.

Commercial moves usually require that the movers are trained to handle large pieces of office equipment and furniture. For instance, they might need to take apart certain electronics or large desks. Then, they have to keep track of all the pieces and pack them away safely for transport. When the pieces arrive at the new location, the movers will be responsible for putting them back together again. They are also trained to do cubicle installation and other similar things.

Most moving companies will offer both residential and commercial services. Nevertheless, it is important that they have trained professionals in whatever type of move you need assisted. They must also have the proper equipment.