Bay Area Movers never hesitates to recommend their full packing services to each and every customer that comes to them for moving and storage services. Purchasing full packing services assures that your items are properly packaged for their transport to the new location. This makes it more likely that they will remain safe and unharmed during the moving process. It also protects our crew helping you during the move.

Aside from services focused on moving and storage, we offer a wide range of packing materials and supplies. If our customers wish to opt out of full packing, they should purchase the right materials from us before beginning the packing process on their own. These materials are all of high quality and we offer a variety of sizes and styles for almost every product we sell. Purchasing these items to pack up your belongings helps protect your items under our own insurance policy so that you can reap the benefits of extra protection.

The Process of Packing on Your Own

Packing up your residential or commercial property is one of the most detailed and time consuming facets of a move. After you schedule your services with a moving company, begin the process of packing right away. It usually takes about a month or so to pack away a whole house.

It is best to pack up room by room, leaving all of the essentials or daily use items for last or to be packed away in personal bags to ride with you. Leave all other items that are boxed up in the rooms that they were packaged in. neatly stack the boxes against the walls to give the movers room when they finally arrive. All entryways and hallways should remain free of clutter.

Never over pack your boxes. It helps to have an assorted variety of box sizes for this process. Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as dishes and other forms of kitchenware. If the movers feel that a box has not been adequately packed, they may repack it at an additional cost. They don’t want to be at fault for damaged items which also gives them the right to refuse any improperly packed items. It is your responsibility to pack according to standard if you chose not to purchase full packing services.

As you pack away your household goods use packing peanuts, foam sheets, bubble wrap and newspaper to fill in any open space in the box. This will prevent the items from rubbing together and getting knocked around during their transport to the new home. Use permanent marker to clearly label each box, usually with the room they are to go in. Any boxes containing breakable items should read “Fragile” on the outside so that the movers are aware.