Millbrae The City of Millbrae might be smaller than many other Bay Area cities, but there are many great moving companies in the area to help you with residential or commercial relocations. Getting assistance from those with the right amount of experience and training is a smart decision. It will only lessen the stress, time, money and strength that it takes to conduct a move of any kind. It makes it easier for people to pay attention to the other things going on in their lives.


After you have squared away a moving date with a mover that you feel comfortable with, begin preparing yourself for relocation. There are many ways to go about doing this, but perhaps the first thing you should do is create a checklist. A checklist will make it easier for you to stay on top of everything. The checklist can include anything you want.


Things to Add to Your Moving Checklist


  • Figure out your budget and expenses
  • Create an inventory list
  • Gather all records and important files to keep with you
  • Research the area in which you are moving to
  • Get children enrolled in schools
  • Complete medical, job and school transfers
  • Have all utilities transferred
  • Cancel memberships and services that cannot be transferred
  • Purchase packing supplies
  • Start packing and labeling each box from one room to the next
  • File a change of address with the post office
  • Get rid of any items you don’t wish to move
  • Plan a garage sale
  • Dispose of hazardous materials such as fuel, oil or paint
  • Make arrangements for someone to watch the children and pets
  • Pack away all valuables separately to take with you during the relocation
  • Obtain a parking permit if the movers must park the truck on public property
  • Protect the floor and walls from damage by covering them with plastic sheets if you are concerned
  • Clean the home and make sure all entryways are free of clutter and hanging objects