There is no better way to stay organized and on top of everything than by creating a few lists. With one of the lists being a checklist of things to do before the move, the other list should contain information about your entire inventory. This inventory list paired with the proper labeling of boxes is one of the best ways to assure all your items arrive at their new home and where they belong within the home.

Packing and Labeling Boxes

Before creating an inventory list, you must package away all your belongings according to our standards and the standards set by the State of California. Improper packaging gives us the right of refusal. At this point, we may repack the items for you at an additional cost or hold you responsible for the correction. Once the items are packaged properly, you must label each box legibly.

There are several ways to go about labeling your boxes. Some customers prefer to use color labeling which usually includes colored tape, post-its or different shades of permanent marker. The color shown on the box is then matched up to the same color of the room it is to be placed in.  When using color coding, we also suggest giving each box a number so that there is a better way to create an inventory list.

Another way to label boxes is by room. The box should clearly showcase the name of the room it is to go in once it reaches its destination. This tends to get tricky since many customers rush through the packing process. Nevertheless, it is effective and easier to write out an inventory list based on this labeling practice. Whether you choose to color code or write out the name of the room on each associated box, make sure you write “Fragile” on all boxes containing glassware and other breakables.

Creating Inventory Lists

Although many movers will create an inventory list before your belongings are loaded onto the truck, it is wise to create your own inventory list too. Depending on how you labeled your boxes, there are several ways to create your list. Some customers create an inventory list based on the number of boxes (in this case, boxes should have number written on them) while some decide to write out their list based on category (EX: furniture, appliances, décor, garage items, etc.).

When you create a list of inventory, you’re making it easier for yourself to file an insurance claim if it happens to be necessary. This extra proof only helps solidify the items you had packed away for the movers to load and unload. You may even want to compare your list to that of our crew’s for extra security.