The following guide is provided to Bay Area Mover customers to help them with the moving process from start to finish.

DIY Bay Area Moving

Some individuals facing relocation prefer to carry out their move without professional assistance. Although it is always wise to hire professionals for the job, it is perfectly okay to do it on your own. Bay Area Movers does offer rental trucks and sell packing supplies to all those that decide to do so. Here are some tips for DIY moving:

  • Start preparing and packing as early as possible. Perhaps the most tedious part of a move is getting everything ready for its transport on the moving truck. All items must be packaged properly and labeled clearly. Any breakable items boxed up should be labeled as “fragile” and appliance or electronics should go in their original packaging.
  • Get rid of any items you do not wish to bring with you to the new home. To earn some extra cash, hold a garage sale or place more valuable items for sale online. If you don’t want to take the time to sell the items, consider donating them. Ridding of items will help you save on packing supplies and even eliminate the time and labor it takes to move.
  • Pack away one room at a time to keep organized and do not try to rush the packing process. Keep all packed away items in the rooms that they were packed in and have each box labeled clearly. If breakable items are in the box, mark it “Fragile.” Use the right packaging supplies to ensure your items are packed securely.
  • Create a list of inventory as you pack so that you can count all boxes and items as they come off the truck. You can use a color coding system or number each box in each room. This will help you keep track of all your items during the moving process.

Load the truck appropriately so that nothing ends up damaged during the transport. Pack appliances and furniture towards the front of the truck nearest to the cab. Heavy boxes should go on the floor of the truck and place lighter boxes on top. The items in the truck should be packed in tightly to avoid shifting while the transport is being made. You can fill in empty spaces with linens and pillows. Ratchet straps, ropes and moving straps can be used to secure all your belongings after they are loaded onto the truck.