Evansville Even people in the very small unincorporated town of Birds Landing need relocation services when they are planning a move in the near future. Lucky for them, there are movers all over the Bay Area. These moves specialize in a number of different moving types and many of them even offer multiple different services. These services can assist small residential moves or even large commercial relocations. Anything you need is just a phone call away.


The act of moving can take weeks to months of preparation. If you intend on moving far away from the West Coast, you will need to allow yourself even more time to prepare. Many try to book a date with a moving company at least a couple months ahead of the desired time they would like to be underway to the next location. The next couple months after scheduling your relocation date will be full of preparation. First thing to accomplish, the packing.


Packing your belongings will take the greatest amount of time. Most moving companies will offer full packing services which can help immensely, but if this purchase is not within your budget, start packing about five weeks or so before the moving date. To start packing, you will need to purchase all of the proper packaging materials.


Packing Materials


  • Assorted box sizes
  • Box tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors/Razors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Newspaper
  • Foam sheets
  • Packing peanuts


By using the listed materials, you can securely pack away all of your things. Each box should be packed carefully and not hold too much weight. If there is too much weight in the box, it could easily bottom out, causing your things to break. All empty space in boxes filled with breakables should be filled in with newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.