How Are Military Moves Conducted?

Military.CAMilitary moves are slightly different than other moving types. Military moves are conducted all of the time, seeing as personnel is always being sent elsewhere depending on where they are needed. Nonetheless, there are certain things that make a military move differ from other moving types that make it important for those in need to find a moving company that offers military moving services.


As a part of the military, you might be able to benefit from financial assistance for the relocation. The military often pays for moving services which means that the moving company will need to deal with the military to receive their money for the move. Not all movers are willing to deal with this process which is why you must find a mover with such experience. The movers will also need permission to get onto base for the loading process.


It is up to you to try and help the movers sort out all of the details. Dealing with government can often be a trying and time consuming process so it is always best to contact a mover as soon as you can to schedule your moving date. This will give everyone plenty of time to sort out the details. By the day of the set relocation, make sure everything is packed up and ready to be transported to the next base or military housing unit if you decided not to go with full service packing.


Make sure that there is somewhere convenient for the movers to park when they are scheduled to arrive and that they have no problem getting onto the base. The less the movers have to deal with, the quicker they can get the relocation underway.

What’s Entailed In a Student Move?

College CampusAs a student in need of relocation services, it is best to find a local mover that offers student moving services. Often times, they have discounts and lower prices to take advantage of. Moving companies understand that students are usually struggling to get by as it is and they do what they can to offer students the lowest rates possible. Not to mention, they know how to efficiently move a student off campus from dorms and student housing, even in the smallest of areas.


Not only is it important for the movers to safely move your property without causing it harm, but they have to watch that they don’t damage the walls or floors of the building you live in. That is why they come prepared with blankets, extra help, dollies, ramps, and other tools to help them get the task completed as securely as possible. The movers will also likely be trying to conduct the job as many students are walking around, which for the untrained mover, could be quite difficult.



If you decide to allow the movers to pack away your belongings, they will use the proper packaging materials to keep your stuff safe. For example, text books are very expensive and if damaged, they lose a lot of their value. The movers will wrap the books in bubble wrap and assure their safety. Moving companies that have experience in student moves are aware of all matters that must be addressed during relocation.


After you schedule a student move with a moving company and are aware of the day they will be arriving, make sure you inform the campus. Some campuses will give you a parking permit for the drivers so that they can lawfully park where they need to to get all of your belongings out of the housing.

Preparing Children for Relocation

ChildrenWhenever relocation is nearing, you may be worried about your children and the move they are about to make. Children aren’t always as susceptible to the idea of moving. They don’t want to move away from what they are used to, friends, family, schools, etc. Nevertheless, relocation is a must for some and whether the children are happy or not, we don’t always have a choice.


One way to get children ready for a move is by visiting the place you are about to relocate to with them. Bring them to places that will get them excited. Show them their new school and visit the parks nearby. If visiting the new location isn’t an option, take to the Internet. Research your soon to be new surroundings with your children. Show them images on the Internet or even use Google Earth to show them the exact home you will be living in or at least the neighborhood. This will make it easier on everyone.


Keep the kids involved the entire time up until moving day. Make the process fun and even allow them to help pack up some of their belongings or assist with a garage sale. Near the end of your stay in the Bay Area, throw a goodbye party where all of their family, friends and peers are invited. Create memories with them to assure they are being given a proper farewell.


On moving day, it is best to assure that the children are left with a sitter. The movers will need the space to maneuver and won’t want kids running around as they are lifting and removing heavy boxes and furniture from the home. This will give them extra time to spend with family or close friends before you all set off to your new place of residence.


How Does a Moving Company Go about Relocating an Office?

Office cubiclesMoving companies often offer office relocation services. A mover must be properly trained to specifically handle office moves. They will need to know how to safely transport office equipment and machinery, large furniture and fragile pieces often found in offices. This requires attention to detail and professionalism.


When you are ready to book a date for the office relocation, opt in for as many convenient services as your budget allows. For example, it is easiest to purchase full service packing. This means that the movers will come in ahead of the scheduled moving day and pack away all of the belongings in the office. They can even take down cubicles and reassemble them after the transport. As they pack everything away, they will mark all boxes legibly and take apart any office equipment that must be disassembled prior to the transport of the items.


Services for Office Relocation


  • Crating and packing
  • Cubicle installation
  • E-crate rentals
  • Furniture liquidation
  • Hauling
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Recycling


Your movers can help you in numerous ways all while getting your belongings from one location to the next. They aren’t just there to load and unload the trucks. You can opt in for other services and features as you feel necessary. For example, you can take advantage of the recycling services. If you have e-waste as most offices do, allow the movers to take care of it rather than trying to find someone who accepts such recyclables.


The movers also offer storage solutions. If there is anything that needs to be stored, allow the movers to do so. There are many wonderful services that come along with full office relocation services. Just make sure you inquire about all that is available as you are on the phone with the movers scheduling your moving date.



What Types of Services Can I Find Offered for My Moving Type?

GeorgiaWhen you are in the midst of relocation, you may notice as you scour the Internet for local movers that many of them offer a wide range of services. These services help specific moving types. The services you choose will be dependent on the moving type you have planned ahead of you. If you are unsure of what you might need, consult with a reputable moving company from the Bay Area and they can help clarify their range of services and features they offer their customers.


If you are relocating far away from the Bay Area, you will want long distance services. Some moving companies specialize in such moves. Typically, there is a lot entailed in this type of move and it will require professionals trained to handle long distance moving properly. Some companies, depending on the distance, will transfer the items midway through into another truck. You can ask the company you choose to get services through if this is something they tend to do. Make sure that when the movers come to load the truck, you gather their contact information before they leave. You can even ask them when they believe they will arrive and what route they intend to take.


You will also see residential and commercial services offered through various moving companies. The difference between these two services is evident. One is for moving your business, while the other is designed to help you move out of your home. The experience needed and the tools necessary to complete these types of moves differ greatly in many instances. For example, a commercial mover will need to be capable of moving heavy office equipment, even taking apart some of the pieces and putting the item back together again at the new location.


A lot of the services offered are optional. If you can find some leeway in your budget, opt in for full service packing and other helpful services. They will only make the entire process less stressful and to be more productive.

How Does Car Shipping Work?

Car HaulerNot all movers will offer car shipping services. However, you will find that some do and this could be of great help to you during the moving process. Car shipping services are especially helpful to those with multiple vehicles that intend on moving a great distance away from their current home in the Bay Area. This allows them to ship to the vehicle or vehicles off with the moving company so that you don’t have to physically drive them to their new home. Not getting such services when you have multiple vehicles could end up costing you even more in fuel, hotels, food, and minor repairs along the way.


When you opt in for car shipping services, the movers will pick the automobiles up on the day of the scheduled move. They will use a car hauler that fits about ten to twelve vehicles at once, so shipping multiple vehicles at one time is never an issue. They will secure the vehicle safely to the hauler using their experience and knowledge in car shipping. Each one of them is professionally trained to safely secure the vehicles.


As the drivers are en route, they will pay close attention to weather and road conditions. They will avoid anything that could possibly cause any damage to the vehicle as their main goal is to get the car from one location to the next without causing it any damage. However, if something should occur and the vehicle ends up needing repairs due to the negligence of the car shipping process, insurance will cover it.


Every car shipping service is required to carry insurance coverage on the vehicles while they are in their care. As the owner, your car insurance policy will not cover the vehicle as it is in the hands of the professionals. Therefore, any repairs must be claimed with the insurance policy that the car shippers carry.



What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Residential Mover?

HomesUnder most circumstances, hiring a local mover to help you with relocation is a great idea. Having them do the work during the moving process will only make the entire situation less stressful on you. Professional movers are trained to properly handle and relocate your home’s possessions without causing them any harm. Let them take care of everything or you may end up with more stress than you bargained for.


8 Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers


  1. You will save money in most cases.
  2. Professionals have the training, tools and other materials necessary for a secure move.
  3. They will handle all of your home’s belongings with great care.
  4. They have insurance coverage during the moving process. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover property in the midst a move.
  5. You can opt in for convenient services such as full service packing or other storage solutions.
  6. You will experience a lot less stress.
  7. You will have more time to prepare in other ways for the move.
  8. You will be doing your body good by refraining from moving stuff on your own. The professionals have tools to help them make lifting easier.


There is no doubt about it, hiring a mover for your residential relocation is a wise choice. It allows you to avoid added stress and costs. Not to mention, it allots you more time to focus on your daily endeavors and other matters having to do with the relocation. As soon as you schedule your residential move, start preparing for the big day. You will find that letting professionals care for the process after that is much smoother than attempting it on your own.

Why Should I Hire Commercial Movers?

Semi TruckCommercial moving is a lengthy and tedious process, especially if you are relocating a large business or corporation. There are many facets that will need to be addressed for any commercial move, but a moving company with experience will be of great assistance. Trying to conduct a commercial move on your own will end up being more than you are capable of handling.


A mover that specializes in commercial moves will know how to relocate office equipment and large pieces of furniture without causing them damage. Not only will they have the proper tools to do so, but they will be capable of taking apart any pieces that may need it and then reassembling them when they are loaded into their new location.


There are many different things that a commercial mover can do for you. Their experience with moving office equipment and typical commercial property items will help them to serve you better.


What Commercial Moves Include


  • Complete office relocation
  • Crating and packing
  • Cubicle installation
  • E-crate rentals
  • Furniture liquidation
  • Hauling
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Recycling


Those hired by moving companies are trained and skilled professionals that know how to successfully move commercial property. Nonetheless, movers till offer insurance coverage to their customers. The regular insurance policies that you might have, do not cover items that are off the property and in the care of the movers. That is why all moving companies are required to offer coverage. Just in case something ends up damaged or lost, the insurance policy through the movers will cover it. This is one of the main reasons why hiring a commercial mover is wise. Otherwise, you might end up stuck paying out of pocket for items that were lost or damaged during the relocation.


How Should I Prepare for Moving Day?

To Do ListPreparing for moving day is one of the most important things that you can do on your end of the moving process. Even though it takes time out of your schedule, it will only make the moving process easier on all of those involved, including yourself. To avoid lost or damaged goods, or any issues at all, hire a reliable moving company for the job and immediately start preparing.


  • Make a checklist. Refer to this list daily and cross of everything that you have gotten accomplished as you near the big day. The list can include anything and everything in regards to the moving process.
  • Create a list of inventory. This can be per individual piece or a box count and furniture count. Whatever is easiest for you and what you feel most comfortable with doing.
  • Have everything packed up and ready to go by the day of the scheduled move. Make sure every box is labeled clearly.
  • Clean the house and make sure all entryways and pathways are free from clutter so that the movers aren’t presented with any obstacles.
  • Make sure there is somewhere for the movers to park within close vicinity, preferably right next to the entrance. If they must park in the street or on public property, you may need a parking permit from the city.
  • Have a babysitter prepared for moving day if you have any children or pets.
  • Have cash on hand.
  • Buy water and snacks for the movers if you have the means to do so. This will lift morale and help them to work more efficiently.
  • Have extra packing supplies ready just in case a box breaks or gets damaged while loading is being conducted.


How Does a Long Distance Move Work?

TurnpikeThere are many different types of moves. However, every move is either local or long distance. Long distance moves are usually more detailed and will need to be regarded with organization and attention. Many movers specialize in long distance moves or offer services and features to make the process easier.


Making a residential or commercial move far away from where you are used to being located in the Bay Area might not have been something you had planned for. Nevertheless, the move must go on. Hiring a moving company is the best way to get this done efficiently. Otherwise, you could end up spending a ton of money and even end up with damaged or lost items during the transport. It is always best to find a mover that deals with long distance moves because they will have everything they need, the right tools, enough space, and enough help.


A long distance move operates similar to other moving types. The movers will come in and load the truck with all of your property. During this time, they usually create a list of inventory. Make sure that you compare your list to theirs. Get the driver’s contact information at this time too. It could become useful while they are en route to the next location.


While en route, you can usually use the moving company’s tracking services to monitor the progress of the driver. In most cases, a cross country move will take no more than two weeks. Make sure that you are present on the day the property arrives or that you have someone there to be responsible for the belongings as the movers move it all into their new home. Some movers will switch drivers or even trucks during the transport. While they are professionals, sometimes things can end up lost or damaged. Even though this isn’t typical, the insurance will cover anything that happens while your stuff is in the care of the moving company.