Cupertino Living in Cupertino presents many options when it comes to finding relocation services. The Bay Area has a whole bunch of reputable movers and it is up to you to find the one that suits your needs the best. Any good mover will carry a positive reputation. You can usually find reviews and ratings online to help you weigh out the good companies from the scam artists.

Another way you can go about finding the right mover is by asking questions after you narrowed your choices down to a select few given their positive reputation and locality.

  1. What types of services do you offer?
  2. Are there any discounts, specials or sales that I might be eligible for?
  3. How much is the down payment?
  4. Are you approved by the Better Business Bureau?
  5. Do you have all of the proper certifications and licenses?
  6. Do you use your own trucks?
  7. Are your employees trained and experienced?
  8. Are the movers covered by workman’s compensation?
  9. Do you carry insurance coverage to protect my belongings during the moving process?

By asking questions, you will get a better feel for the company. Never hire a company that has rude customer service or reps that can’t give you all of the answers.

Why Should I Hire a Local Mover?

By hiring a local mover, you are allowing yourself more time to focus on other things that must be tended to such as kids, jobs, schooling, etc. Not just that, but a local mover will know the routes throughout the town and its surrounding cities, as well as the city laws. They are keen of their whereabouts.

A local mover usually costs less than if you were to rent a truck, hire help, and buy packing supplies all on your own. Take the time to weigh out your options and always remember to ask the company about sales and discounts. They tend to change the sales and promotions often.