TurnpikeIf you need to move your business or residential property outside of Fairfield, contact a local mover from the Bay Area. They will be capable of harmlessly handling your belongings and bringing them to the new location for you. You can try to perform the move on your own, but this isn’t as smart as some people may think it is. Little do people realize that it is often cheaper to hire a mover. Not to mention, much safer.


Professional movers offer insurance coverage or at least they should. If they don’t, do not use that mover. They may very well be scam artists trying to get your money. The insurance coverage through a mover is used to protect your property even further. Even in the hands of trained professionals, an accident could occur. Should this happen, your belongings repairs or replacements will be covered. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover any property that is not sitting at the address you have listed. Therefore, without a moving company doing the relocation, your items will not be covered by insurance.


Great Tips for Staying Organized


Staying organized during a relocation is very important. There are many ways to prepare for the mvoe and to stay on top of things without stressing yourself out even further.


  • Create a to-do list. Cross things off as you move along.
  • Make a list of all inventory. The movers often to do this as well, but it’s best to do it for yourself so that you can compare your list with theirs.
  • Find a sitter for pets and children on the day of the move.
  • Start conducting job and school transfers a few weeks before the move. This also includes medical and utility transfers.
  • Start packing at least five weeks ahead of time. Pack up room by room starting with the room used the least.
  • Keep the house clean. Do not pack away cleaning supplies. You will need them before and after the movers arrive.