Corte MaderaThere is no better way to conduct relocation than with the assistance of a local mover from the Bay Area. Find Corte Madera movers that offer all sorts of different services to better assist you during this process. They offer services for every moving type so that they can be equipped and ready for the move appropriately.

It is always smart to prepare for a move the best that you can. Make checklists and really stay on top of everything. Even create an inventory list so that you can make sure everything makes it to the new location. Have the house cleaned up and all of the boxes ready for the movers by moving day. Being organized is key through this entire process.


What Are Small Moving Services?

Small moving services are designed to help move those with small apartments, dorms, studios, or in some cases, just some heavy furniture. These services include the right amount of movers and space to get the job done. If it is heavy furniture or a piano, the movers will be capable of taking the piece apart and reassembling it when it gets to its new home.

A small move doesn’t cost nearly as much as other moving services. However, they can be more tedious. These moves are usually hard to maneuver through. Apartment hallways and small spaces make moving more difficult which is why it’s best left to the movers under such circumstances.

The movers will be sure to bring dollies, ramps and rollers to the jobsite with them. They know what they will need to conduct a move in such a crammed area. Try to find them somewhere nearby the entrance or exit that they can park. If you have to, consult with the city or property owner for permission or a parking permit.