BurlingameMoving isn’t something that many people look forward to. It is time consuming, tedious and costly. What most people don’t realize is that hiring a mover will release most of the stress and even be less costly than if you were to conduct the relocation on your own. Luckily there are many options around your location in Burlingame. It’s best to hire a local mover as they will understand the city laws and the routes to take to get to where they need to go.


Common Services Offered for Relocation


• Office Relocation
• Small Moves
• Commercial Moves
• Residential Moves
• Heavy Furniture
• Full Service Packing
• Long Distance
• Local Moves
• Recycling Services

While some movers only offer a small range of services, others will offer a larger selection. They want to make sure that they can address the needs of all their clients by offering them services that suit their exact moving type better. For instance, full service packing is an optional service that tends to appeal to those who can’t fulfill or wish not to fulfill the packing process. It is a wonderful service that can greatly help those with very little time to dedicate towards the move.


Insurance Packages

Insurance packages are usually offered by every mover in the Bay Area. To prove their legitimacy and trustworthiness, it is important that they offer coverage to their customers. It will assure them that the company only has the objective of getting your belongings safe from one destination to the next.

Before you send your belongings off with the mover, make sure you created a list of inventory. This will help greatly. A list of inventory will help you to keep track of all your property as it is the midst of relocation. Then, as it arrives at its new home, take a box count and makes sure everything is there. Look over it all and if you notice anything is missing or damaged, inform the movers right away.