BrisbaneRelocating across the nation to a place unfamiliar can be very trying. Don’t make matters more difficult by trying to conduct a long distance move on your own. There are plenty of reliable long distance movers in the Bay Area nearby your home in Brisbane. These movers only have one goal and that is to get your belongings safely relocated to their new location.

As professionals, the movers will cautiously load all of your belongings onto the truck. They will make sure that all large furniture or bulky items are taken apart if necessary and then reassembled when they arrive at their destination. During the transport, you can view the progress of the trip through tracking services offered by the moving company.


How to Pack Properly

Packing is one of the most detailed and time consuming parts of a move. After you book a date with the mover, begin packing right away. It is best to pack up room by room, leaving all of the essentials or daily use items for last. Leave everything you pack in the rooms that they were packed up in and keep the boxes stacked neatly against the walls to give the movers room when they finally arrive.

Make sure that you do not over pack boxes. Having an assorted variety of box sizes will help greatly. Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as dishes and kitchenware. If the movers feel that a box has not been adequately packed, they may repack it. They don’t want to be at fault for damaged items.

As you pack away your belongings, make sure that you use packing peanuts, foam sheets, bubble wrap and newspaper to fill in any open space. This will prevent the items from rubbing together and getting knocked around during the moving process. Label each box with the room they are to go in. Use a permanent marker to prevent it from smearing.